Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and Echosmith - Discuss Music For Relief

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and Echosmith Discuss Music For Relief. Courtesy Photo

Founded in 2005, Music for Relief (MFR) was created by the guys of Linkin Park. Composed of musicians, music industry professionals and fans, MFR brings the music community together to create awareness and raise funds for those in need around the worldThrough years of hard work and dedication Music for Relief has implemented many beneficial changes to countries that have faced major hardships. To date Music for Relief has developed programs for survivors of multiple disasters across four continents.


"This year is a big year because we are dealing with climate change. The issue and the fact that we are having more clean up to do than ever is a result of what is going on with national politics and lack of focus and lack of problem solving with these issues, says Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. With the United nations leading a charge to increase awareness and getting certain countries to commit to a certain level of restraint and I think that's a subject of the fans get behind send get vocal about will make a big difference in the environment and the world."


MFR has joined in partnership with Rock in Rio (RIR), which will be celebrating its 30th anniversary by coming to the US for the first time. Shinoda was on site to discuss MFR while also announcing its partnership with RIR along with Echosmith. Shinoda and Echosmith both autographed guitars which will be the beneficiary of Rock in Rio USA’s guitar auction, which will feature an exclusive collection of guitars signed by artists playing this year at the festival in Las Vegas. The proceeds will help aid in the reforestation of California burn zones through a fundraising auction at Charity Buzz, proceeds will also go to help plant trees. 


"You can say that your house is not dirty, but if you don't continue to clean it it is going to get dirty.  Whether or not you believe there is a climate change happening,  clearly if we don't pay attention there is going  to be an issue, states Shinoda. I'll say that scientists will agree that there is a problem and its being caused by human beings,  and we are responsible for helping clean it up."


Join in on the effort and keep up to date with MFR by doing your part! Stay connected by checking here.

For additional information about Mike Shinoda and MFR click here

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