Lost in Music Review - Victoria Justice and Other Celebs Get 'Lost in Music' with Sony


Victoria Justice and Other Celebs Get 'Lost in Music' with Sony and The Chainsmokers! Courtesy Photo

We are currently living in a world where technology has taken over and virtual reality, is now a reality. It's bridging the gap and constantly challenging our brains to immerse in another realm and heighten our experience. Sony has joined in on the fun by creating their new 'Lost in Music' segment. Guests got to experience it first hand at L.A Hangar Studios with The Chainsmokers!


This experience, titled “Lost in Music,” uses PlayStation® VR technology to introduce a series of fully immersive events for users and is Sony Music’s mission to push the boundaries of music and tech. Sony Music is a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment, which is headquartered in New York City, New York. “Lost in Music” starts with “The Beginning,” which brings to life a fantasy world in which users travel from the winter season to the summer music festival season. This specific event will featured many DJ's with the main act being The Chainsmokers.


Upon entry attendees had no clue what they were in for. The studios was totally revamped to fully amp up the excitement. The décor was a fine line between a frosted yet dreary fairytale, as if you're on set of Snow White and The Huntsman with a cross between the classic 'Jungle Book.' Two very different sets one location - challenge accepted! Guests could either opt to go through the jungle into the main room or the virtual reality experience.


Between sets guests were able to enjoy cocktails and bites from the food trucks outside. Once The Chainsmokers hit the stage all eyes were on them!


"How incredible does this look?! We have some grass, trees, and sh*t," exclaimed Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers before playing their #1 single, Paris, which happened to make its debut earlier in the day. Taggart further joked and paid homage to a childhood favorite while getting vulnerable with the crowd, 'The Lion King.' "For the record I never thought I'd hate a lion,but I hate Scar," Taggart expressed. "Fu*k Scar!"


Guests in attendance included: Jared Goff, Teala Dunn, Baskin Champion, Maggie Lindemann, Victoria Justice, Reeve Carney, Dylan Jagger, and more. Sony has always been one for pushing the envelope and increasing its' users experience. This event furthered that as it was on another level!


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