Los Angeles City Council Declares November 14, 2012 as "Dwight Howard Day"

Dwight Howard, Jan Perry, Snoop Lion & Bernard C. Parks


On November 14, 2012, the Los Angeles City Council celebrated "Dwight Howard Day" at City Hall in honor of the Lakers center, Dwight Howard.

The Los Angeles Lakers acquired the 26-year-old center from the Orlando Magic during the off season. Dwight Howard had played eight games for the Lakers, averaging 19.3 points, 11.1 rebounds and 3.6 blocks a game when he visited City Hall to receive the honor introduced by council members Bernard C. Parks and Jan Perry. 

The surprise guest "intern", Snoop Lion (formerly known as Snoop Dogg), carried out a 6'10" framed resolution.  "We do hereby declare November 14, 2012 as Dwight Howard Day in the city of Los Angeles," announced Snoop Lion and presented Howard with the official certificate and resolution. 

Howard was appreciative and thankful for the honor. He addressed the crowd, "For you guys to open up the way you have, I feel the support and love every time I step on the floor." Howard proceeded to tell a humorous story about his encounter with Snoop Lion 2 years ago at a hotel in San Diego. "Snoop was walking out and he had on a Lakers jersey. I said "Hey man, why you ain't got my jersey on?" And he said "You got on the wrong jersey. You know where you need to be, you need to be in that purple and gold." The crowd started laughing and applauding. 

Snoop Lion presents Dwight Howard with the official certificate and resolution

Howard concluded, "Our biggest plan is to make sure that we bring the city together. One way we can do that is by winning games and also getting out in the community and bringing the city together. Hopefully I'll be doing it here for a long time." 

The Lakers hope to sign Howard to a long-term contract before July 2013. 

The 6'11" center is a star on and off the court. Howard is noted for helping many lives by establishing the "Dwight D. Howard Foundation, Inc.", which provides scholarships for students to attend Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, along with grants to Lovell Elementary School and Memorial Middle School in Orlando, Florida. 

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