Labyrinth of Jareth – A Masquerade Ball in L.A

July 5th, 2013 I was able to witness one of two nights of enchantment, music, inspiration and fantasy as some of the world’s most elaborate costumers and artists came together to celebrate the Sixteenth annual Labyrinth Masquerade Ball at the historic Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.


Sypher Studios continues to offer this night to anyone who has the imagination and heart to dress up and be part of it and the outcome was fascinating!

Park Plaza lobby

As we walked into the grand lobby of the Park Plaza we were

immediately introduced to goblins, mythological creatures of all kinds by Lord Chamberlain. To one side of the lobby you could place your jackets in care of the Goblin Coat Check and admire some Venetian masks while others took a stroll to the Pixie’s Photo Grotto. Moving through a gorgeous archway to the left of the lobby you entered the Golden room that led to a big ballroom, called the Bronze room. There, a dj and some entertainment like the Sypher Elite Dance Core performed their acts all through the evening. You could see lively fairies dance, and nobles get a drink at the bar.

The Aetherlight Orchestra and more amazing musicians and acts filled the Water Temple outside area with music and magic. In the depths of the Court of Night, where elemental graces begin their journey into the light, the story of the three courts continued up a big staircase. There, nobles wishing to escape the chaos of the goblins and lively dances of the faeries, the Clockwork Ballroom brought together waltzes, live entertainment, and opera with a steampunk edge. The famous Clockwork Tea Room featured a motley assortment of treats in a one of a kind tea service at the masquerade; featuring a unique blend of custom teas you’ll only find within the Court of Sypher! You could also enjoy some amazing artwork by Brian Kesinger, and meet the artist in person at the Clockwork Tearoom.

On the dance floor you were invited to couple up with a partner and follow a mistress into the formations of various historical dances accompanied by the Wessex Consort. There you could admire a very special performance of the world famous Baritone; Stephen Swanson.

The outside area was overtaken by the goblins building up food courts and more seating for patrons who wished to visit them in their encampment. After experimenting with water powered devices and goblin Ironworks, they were able to make their own stage. The Goblin Stage featured Sparky, the pizza dragon, for real dragon fired pizzas and other food trucks and refreshments. You could also shop till you dropped at the village shops featuring vendors such as clockwork couture.

Sparky, the dragon oven

 On the outside stage you could admire performers like Serenata, the Zundri Dancers, Seraphim Collective Cirque, time of the faeries universe, Xian, Celine an aerealist performer, Bad Wolf, the League of Steam and Alice.

 The Masquerade Ball happens once a year and you can catch one more night of this Venetian tradition, Celtic faerie and goblin lure tonight July 6th, 2013.

Discover the new chambers and secret pathways and build new stories in this historical landmark while gazing upon the architectural beauty as the Plaza.

Lost within the borders of chaos and light, nobles dance among the Fae while goblins wait with hungry eyes in the wings of their court.

stilt walkers

ANYONE who has dreamed of a surrealistic fantasy fading into a single night is able to attend.

Of course, the main point of a Masquerade is to dress in costume and astonish friends and strangers alike. Be imaginative, revel in the ambiance and detail as the world falls down. . .

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