Labyrinth Masquerade Ball - July 5th & 6th 2013 at the Historic Park Plaza

Sypher Studios proudly presents The Labyrinth of Jareth XVI- the Fantasy Masquerade Ball 2013 Sixteenth Annual Celebration

July 5th and July 6th within the glorious Park Plaza

607 S. Park View Street; Los Angeles, CA

Doors open at 8:00 PM

The time is getting closer and the Sypher crew is quickly building an amazing new experience for you to enjoy. Our realms are expanding this year, offering even more ballrooms to explore and magical fantasies to discover! This week we announce a MASSIVE schedule of performances and some very special guests. The Labyrinth of Jareth (LOJ) is a Masquerade Ball based on Venetian tradition, Celtic faerie and goblin lore, and stories of fantasy and wonder. Lost within the borders of chaos and light, nobles dance among the Fae while goblins wait with hungry eyes in the wings of their court. Some of the most amazing fantasy artists, costumers and special effects crews participate in bringing a diverse host of creatures and mythologies alive each year.

This Masquerade is one of the few classical events open to anyone who has dreamed of a surrealistic fantasy fading into a single night of dance and revelry. Music and visuals heighten your senses as the night shields the Goblin Court and the chambers surrounding it. “Celebrating our Sixteenth masquerade and pooling together all that we've learned, the artists of Sypher Studios continue to proudly offer this night to those with the imagination and heart to enjoy it.”

The LOJ Masquerade Ball is one of the most elaborate costumed events in the country. Every year the Sypher artists bring you this magical celebration within the beautiful halls of the Historic Park Plaza. This year there are new expanded areas within the masquerade.

The Goblins have taken full advantage of this new expansion, building up food courts and more seating for patrons who wish to visit them in their encampment. After experimenting with water powered devices and goblin Ironworks, they’ve made their own stage. The Goblin Stage will also feature Sparky, the Pizza Dragon, for real Dragon Fired Pizzas!


For those nobles wishing to escape the chaos of the Goblins and lively dances of the Faeries, the Clockwork Ballroom brings together waltzes, live entertainment, and opera with a steampunk edge. Our famous Clockwork Tea Room features a motley assortment of treats in a one of a kind tea service at the masquerade; featuring a unique blend of custom teas you’ll only find within the Court of Sypher! You can also enjoy some amazing artwork by Brian Kesinger, and meet the artist in person at the Clockwork Tearoom.

If you want a beautiful costume but haven't the slightest idea of where to start,
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If you aren’t convinced yet here are some more reason to go.  There will be over 150 artists, performers, dancers, and musicians.  Dance and dream amongst the Court of Faerie and the darker edge of goblin realms. Of course, the main point of a Masquerade is to dress in costume and astonish friends and strangers alike. Be imaginative, revel in the ambiance and detail as the world falls down. Advanced ticketing only for this mystical events, so get yours here now! They are issued on a first come, first served basis, so act now to secure your place in the Realm!

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