LA Fashion Council Presents- SOLDAT, 8000 Nerves, Odylyne Fall Collection 2013

LA Fashion Council Presents

On Thursday afternoon, March 7th, in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, LA Fashion Week was in full effect as collections from SOLDAT, 8000 Nerves, and Odylyne created a dynamic and visually pleasing platform that showcased exactly when it means when you put your heart and free-spirited creative energy into clothing design. Hosted by LA Fashion Council, the collections featured exclusive fall fashion that garnered attention from LA Times journalists to some of LA's finest fashion bloggers ready to capture and document the snapshots of what to expect for the coming season. As I made my way through the show room, I couldn't help but pay attention to the stylish crowd of guests that were mingling with one another. From the loud prints of color to the bold hairstyles, and wildly assessorized individuals I saw, the crowd was a clear emodiment of what LA Fashion Week encompasses.

SOLDAT Fall Collection

I strolled towards the SOLDAT collection which was beautifully displayed on the rack. SOLDAT, which means "solider" in Swedish, is a collection of edgy eco suits and separates that assist creative women to dress professionally in the corporate world but still have keep a unique and luxurious flair. The designer, Camilla Wright, created SOLDAT as a homage to all the real soldiers who put on their uniforms to defend our freedom. Utilizing organic material while creating a luxurious yet comfortable brand, SOLDAT trailoring has proved Camilla to also be a freedom advocator to females in creative industries who wish to expressing their unique tastes. has also allowed all female creative enthusiasts to celebrate their freedom. 

The drinks are on Peroni

After appreciating the SOLDAT Collection, I stepped towards the bar and found Peroni drinks on the bar, ready to be served. How lovely to know that Peroni is a fan of LA Fashion Council as well. 

Kelsi Smith, the director of LA Fashion Council, made her way towards the bar.

Kelsi Smith, the director of LA Fashion Council

We just so happened to be eyeing the last lunch bag on the table, and Kelsi so graciously offered me to take it. I introduced myself and complimented her flowy Greecian goddess-like dress, which I had assumed she had worn to walk down the runway with. "It's from the Odylyne collection," she said beamingly with a soft laughter. Odylyne is derived from all things beautiful. The designers pride themselves in creating material that "just feels good and makes being a goddess pretty damn effortless." As Kelsi's attire was a prime example of Odylyne's ease of complimenting the individual wearing their collection, I would agree in the beauty that Odylyne captures. 

Photographers getting ready to capture the designs

As the crowd got ready for the first showcase, the photographers queued the front of the runway, eager to see what the designers were going to unveil. The show began with flick of a spotlight as a soft rock tempo danced its way out of the speakers and onto the runway. The first model looked illuminating in her 8000 Nerves attire, which featured  a knitted, loungy nude sweater that was complimented by a classy black see-through, floor-length skirt. It was the perfect emodiment of chic.

8000 Nerves first piece of the showcase

8000 Nerves is a contempory clothing line that unites texture and vintage inspiration to create things that are feminine and joyous, yet modern.

Comfortable yet chic

A common theme for the 8000 Nerves Fall Collection included soft, neutral tones, and quaint, bubbley outfits such as the detailing with large buttons and the velour fabic for shorts.

Velour shorts with Peach Tone Top

Polka Dots: It's in the details

Modern and classy dress

It was an absolutely stunning collection showcasing the perfect attire for an empowered female.  

Black on black

Two-toned dress

Fall Jacket Ready

Big button details

8000 Nerves Fall Collection

Odylyne was the finale showcase for the afternoon and featured beautiful dresses with Tribal prints that were reminiscent of an African Queen.

The Odylyne Collection featured floor length silhouettes

One of the pieces, featured a cosmic painting that suited the model's body with ease and grace.

Cosmic experiences through fabric

The latest collection featured loose, flowy and elegant garments  so beautiful it gave my eyes a vacation from the norm. 

Cosmic Gypsy


LA Fashion Week has come into fruition with the wonderful collections presented by SOLDAT, 8000 Nerves and Odylyne. I look foward to the upcoming week as fashion designers work to impress us through their art!

For more information on these collections, be sure to check out SOLDAT, 8000 Nerves, and Odylyne online. 

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