LA Art Show 2014

Photos By Merris Beadle


The LA Art show opened at the Los Angeles Convention center on Wednesday, January 15th with more than 140 participating galleries from 20 countries.  Thousands of people from all over the world enjoyed a night of celebrities, high end wine, tasty food, and the world’s most coveted art collections.

Opening night ceremonies featured the Bordeaux, Los Angeles celebration, a 50 year partnership with the sister cities of Los Angeles which included a tasting room filled with world renounced wines of Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux.

Patrons hopped from table to table on the convention center  floor sampling food, refreshments and desserts from participating restaurants and beverage companies which included Angel City Brewery, Maison Akira, Cá Del Sole, Beso, Hama Sushi, Venice beach Winery, Sonoma Wine Garden, Sinners/Saints Desserts, Rivera, Rasta Taco, Pink’s, Lawry’s carvery, Trattoria NeapolisItalian Restaurant and Bar, Magnolia Bakery, Lexington Social Haus, Justice Urban Tavern, Fabuiolus-Cucina Italia Verona, Evian, deep Eddy Vodka, Diablo, Dandy Don’s Ice Cream, Chivas, Chaya Downtown, Cervateca and Calavera Tequlia.

Here are some highlights from the show:

The US debut of the three-dimensional reproductions, of Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpieces, called Relievos from the  Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum. The Van Gogh Museum Edition uses a new technology known as reliefography, which was developed by Fujifilm Belgium. The process combines a three-dimensional edition of the painting’s actual surface texture with a high-resolution print. The works include “The Harvest “(1888), “Boulevard de Clichy” (1887), and “Almond Blossoms” (1890).

The Relievos include both the front and the back of the painting as well as the frame.  Every Relievo is numbered and approved by the museum curator. These masterworks capture every minute detail of the originals including the texture and canvas. The process is said to be the closest to the real works of art.  The reproductions will be used for educational purposes in schools and for the visually impaired.

Comedian, actor, director and art collector Cheech Marin exhibited 6 hand painted art guitars from his Blazing Chicano Guitars Collection, one of which was used by Grammy Award winning guitarist Raul Panchero from the band Ozomatli as he performed during the opening night ceremonies. The guitars are a part of the Chicano Collection / La Colección Chicana. Featured artists from the collection are Jari,”Werc” Alvarez, Chaz Bojarquez, Gaspar Enriquez, Ricardo Ruiz, John Valdez and Jamie Zocaras.

The Chicano Collection / La Colección Chicana also featured limited-edition (giclées) which were painted by prominent Chicano artists.  The prints represent images from urban Chicano life and their experiences during the years 1969 through 2001. The collection is for sale during the LA Art Show to help raise funds for this year-long cultural exchange with Los Angeles and Bordeaux.  He will donate one to the Musee Aquitaine Bordeaux. Click here for more information on Cheech Marin.

The Alexander Gallery exhibited an eclectic mix of art; everything from  “The 47 Ronin” (circa 1870), Charles Bosseron Chamber’s (1882-1964) “Portrait of Clara Bow” to Swiss surrealist H.R. Geiger who is best known for creating the terrifying life-forms in the film classic Alien. 

Artist and engineer Keng Chiehsheng, created a moving sculpture titled “Waiting For Your X” (2013) that is unlike any other art form in the show and one that you just can’t take your eyes off of. The artwork was brought in by the renowned Da Xiang Art Space,Tawian which is known for its contemporary international art. Click here to watch the video.  

“The Angel Soldier” installation by multimedia artist Lee Yongbaek, (2011 Venice Biennale Korea Pavilion) combined what at first appears to be photographs but in fact is video.  The video appears to be a floral landscape, with the sounds of nature. Staring at the photos (video) will reveal soldiers creeping along, masked in the floral camouflage. The installation included live performers wearing flowered printed military type garments holding flowers Click here to watch the video.

The “(Not Quite) Salvation” Sculpture Exhibit by Cindy Jackson featured 5 foot tall sculptures, cast in resin with the symbols of their worship. One is on his knees seeking divine existence, covered with tattooed symbols of his worship and the “Always Wanting/Never Enough” sculpture which depicts a materialistic tortured couple with their bodies twisted, covered with Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Click here to view the Installation.

 “Green Skull” by artist Andres Basurto (2013) was presented by New Orleans based Red Truck Gallery which is known for American folk art styles. The artwork was created using recycled, broken beer bottle glass held together by epoxy. Basturo’s influence comes from Mexican popular culture and Spanish Baroque. The skull depicts acts of human destruction and creation.


Other notable highlights were the California Art Club located in Pasadena, CA. Established in 1909, the art club has many educational opportunities and multiple-day workshops with master artists as well as art expert lectures and demonstrations by top artists. The club is open to artists and non-artists. For more information visit California Art Club.


Building Bridges Art Foundation which is located in Santa Monica, California. The BBAF mission is to have workshops and exhibitions. The LA Art Show exhibitions with Andrea Juan were curated by Marisa Caichiolo.


The LA Art Show was produced by the Palm Beach Show Group in partnership with Kim Martindale, General Manager. The show consists of four sections of work: The Modern & Contemporary Section, The Historic & Traditional Contemporary Section, The Vintage Poster Section and The IFPDA Los Angeles Print Fair. The show runs through January 19. Visit LA Art Show for more information.




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