Kelly Osborne & Perez Hilton attend Macys Beverly Center-Judging The Material Girl Lucky Star Casting Call

Kelly Osbourne led a celebrity-driven panel of judges for the Material Girl 'Lucky Stars' casting call, at Macy's Beverly Center, Saturday, November 19th.  

Perez, Kelly, and Andy

This exclusive event was one of five held at Macy's flagship stores nationwide. “Lucky Stars” casting calls were held at five of Macy's flagship locations in the United States including: Herald Square, New York, Dadeland, Miami, State Street, Chicago, Union Square, San Francisco and lastly the Beverly Center, Los Angeles.


Material Girl clothing line

On Saturday, Kelly Osbourne was joined by “Dancing with the Stars” alum, gossip blogger Perez Hilton and famed hair dresser Andy Lecompte to help judge the modeling competition in search of the new face for Material Girl clothing.

Kelly Osbourne

Perez Hilton

The competition is being held to find the Model and young face of Madonna‘s juniors clothing line with daughter Lourdes Leon. Material Girl contestants were to bring a photograph of themselves and be prepared to tell the judging panel why they should be the next Material Girl. The judges will narrow all entries down to 36, which will be placed online to be voted on by the public, narrowing it down to 10 finalists. The top 10 finalists with the highest votes will be flown to New York City, where Madonna and Lola will choose the winners and the new faces of Material Girl's Spring 2012 campaign. Kelly Osbourne is the current face of Material Girl.

The "Lucky Stars" winners' ads will debut in select fashion and lifestyle magazines and be part of a digital and outdoor campaign and in-store Macy's marketing outreach, also receiving a $5,000 cash prize.

The casting call was held from 2-4pm and only 50 contestants were allowed to walk the pink carpet and talk to the judges on stage. Macy’s outfitted their junior section to accommodate a panel table for 3 judges, a DJ booth, and a carpet and stage area with a step and repeat that girls used to display their personality and style.

Contestants walking the carpet

Contestant being asked questions

Contestant answering questions

Some girls came dressed to impress in Material Girl, and some others physically made their outfits.

Individual Style

Individual Style

At one point the judges were drown for a loop with a transgender contestant which Kelly Osbourne expressed how great “her” legs looked.

Transgender Model

Kelly and Perez asked the girls about their style icons and those they look up to; surprisingly many did not say Madonna. Hopefully those picked to be finalists, will be well versed in all that’s Madonna.

Kelly did address the issue of being a role model, asking one girl if chosen would she be able to behave, seeing that some contestants stressed the importance of their individuality. Kelly did admit she misbehaved somewhat with her unsuitable language, so she knows the importance of making a good lasting impression.

The DJ played a variety of music, including Madonna’s hits of course, as the ladies graced the carpet giving their best model walk.

DJ playing the hits

And during a break, where the judges exited, the DJ asked all that wanted to be in the spotlight to come in the judging area and dance. A few of the ladies danced and twirled to the music.

Dance party

At 4pm, the judging ended on a good note and some of the ladies that stayed behind had a chance to take pictures with the judges.

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