Katrina Magzanyan and Rose & Alex Pilibos Celebrate The Holidays with Ararat Home Residents.

Ararat Retirement Home

Thousands of families will celebrate the Christmas and New Year holidays with the loved ones while thousands more are living in nursing and retirement homes.

Katrina Magzanyan and a Ararat Home Resident

It’s a season of holiday spirit, and Katrina Magzanyan along with her fellow students and teachers from Rose and Alex Pilibos  spread the winter cheer in the Ararat Retirement Home on Wednesday morning.

Katrina Magzanyan and her friend Miranda Sepkinian distribute presents


Katrina Magzanyan and her girlfriends

"On behalf of residents, staff and administrators, I would like to humbly thank you all." said Tina Balyezyan . “To be able to come here and mingle with the residents and to show them the Thank You of Life...”

Tina Balyezyan

Under the direction of Ms. Sossi Margossian, Ms.Meriam Avetisian, Ms. Lena Guebeshian, and Ms. Taline Apanian, the fourth grade students performed an arrangement of holiday tunes for their Christmas program. The students sang a number of Christmas tunes, played piano, danced and offered gift bags to nursing home residents.

Fourth Grade Students from Rose and Alex Pilibos

Karina Magzanyan and Marina BerBeryan

 All ages should be valued in our communities, from the very young to the very old. Developing stronger connections between the older adults and their community can have tremendous benefits for the young and the old.  Visiting a nursing home can be a valuable experience for the children and definitely brighten the day for older adults.


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