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ITV Awards: A Culminating Evening of Celebration with comdian Judy Tenuta

By Serita Stevens

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ITV Fest Awards: Co-Owner and writer Frank Zanca

Funny and irreverent, comedian Judy Tenuta entertained the crowded ballroom at the Renaissance hotel on Friday, August 12, 2011, as they waited anxiously for the results of the ITV  and Stay Tuned TV Fest.  Her comedy was outrageous and mind blowing.  More about her can be read at www. Judytenuta.com


ITV Fest Awards: Tony Rago Vinny Diedrich, and Marianne Davis

A culmination of the week of panels and events, from August 5th -11th, the event featured lectures from development execs at Fox, Comedy in the New Millennium, Breaking Into Voice Overs, a Casting Panel, Making a Backdoor Pilot, Bringing Comics to the Screen,  a Guild Panel, Interview Tactics, Creating a Marketable Documentary Film,  How To Go Viral, a Directors Panel, Creating Marketable Characters we well as Stories, a Stunt Panel and one on New Media Platforms, as well as a well attended Pitch Bootcamp.  The later is crucial for success in the business because we must sell not only our product, but ourselves. Pitching is only a door opener, it's not a guarantee of success, but it is one thing that most writers have trouble performing. 


ITV Fest Awards:Jared Day

Originated by A J Tessler six years ago, the fest, now owned by Frank Zanca and Ken Nicholas, features not only web material but shorts for television, as well.   The purpose of the group and the awards is to bring awareness to the new talent and web media.  


ITV Fest Awards: Frank Zupanic

Among those on the red carpet tonight were Kathleen McEwan (Alien Armageddon), Jared Day (Liv) Sara Bella, JoAnn Ramirez, Dianne O. (You Magazine); Steve Nave (Actor/Producer) Frank Zupanic and Stasch Radwanski (Killer God), Eric Patton and Susanne Lee, David Shelton (writer), Robye Wyatt and Jen Kotio (Assylum), Matthew Ziff, Patrick Cohen (We Need Girlfriends), Ron Nicholas, Dahneed Koloony Nagy and Greg Eagles (Pirate Booty Hunt)  Catya Mare (nominated Best Music Video), Richard Basser and Barry Gribble (3 Views), Stephanie Unger (Freak Out), Allison Lane, Evan Marshall (Lake Rounders), Tony Rago, Vinny Diedrich and Marianne Davis (Whacked); Melissa Center, Corinne Spicer, Tasha Dixon, Rachel Pason, Isabel Cueva (the Name of Freedom)and Vera Vanguard and Edward Negon (Building of Good and Evil).


ITV Fest Awards: Stella Bella, JoAnn Ramierz, Dianne O.

The ITV group chose Make A Film Foundation (MAFF)  as the official charity of the festival.  MAFF is a non profit organization that teams children, who have a serious or life threatening medical condition, with film industry professionals to help them create short film legacies.  They grant children their film wishes of writing and starring in their own movies.  We encourage you to visit their web site www.makeafilmfoundation.org and view some of the short films created by the children at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital.  These films not only impact the children who make them, but all those involved, including their families, student mentors, the Hollywood community, Inner City Filmmakers, cast, crew and volunteers. 


ITV Fest Awards Tamika Lamison of Make A Film Foundation and Dahmeed Koloony Nagy

Each category had two sets of awards - one for ITV and the other for Stay Tuned TV.  In Best Comedy - Talker and Squatters won; Best Action Drama were Big Country Blues and Compulsions; Best Reality Show was Mineral Explorers, Best International Documentary was Blau Jeans; Best Hosted Show was Hot On The Red Carpet, Best Music Video were Macy Gray - Real Love and Ashes of Soma; Best Actor in Comedy was Jay Thomas for Talker and Tony Rago for Whacked; Best Comedy Actress were Cooper Harris- Squatters and Missi Pyle - MILF Money; Best Dramatic Actor were Dorian Missick in Lennox Avenue and Craig Frank for Compulsions;  Best Dramatic Actress went to Ryan Michelle Bathe for Celeste Bright and Jillian Clare for Miss Behave;  Best Directors awards went to Perry Lang for Talkers and Ken Lui for Falsehood, while Best Writers were Bernie Su - Compulsions and Isabel Cueva - In the Name of Freedom.  The Best in animation went to The New Suited.  The audience choice went to Girl Parts and the best in show went to Killer God.


ITV Fest Awards: Katherine McEwan

Eric Roberts, a wonderfully talented actor, unfortunately could not attend in person, but he had video taped the presentation of his award


ITV Fest Awards: Matthew Ziff

The voting committee included such notables as animation's Max Howard, Peter Ong Lim of POL Productions, Cindi Rice of TS,  Ken Nicholas of MindOnMedia Sales, Frank Zanca from Action Marketing Solutions, Brian Ford Sullivan of The Futon Critic, Yuri Baranovsky of Happy Little Films, director Jerry London, actress writer Paula Rhodes, stunt man Mark Ricardi, actor writer Perry Lang, and founder AJ Tessler. 


ITV Fest Awards: Sponsor Smart Water

Sponsors for the evening included Smart Water, Film Break, Groundlings, Conceit Eyewear, Make A Film Foundation, Final Draft, The Heller Approach, Take Two Entertainment, Jim Knell Photography, Splash Magazines, Make Love Not Trash, Buffalo Games, Acting Corps, Dyal Productions, Action Marketing Solutions, CRE - Computer and Audiovisual Solutions, Chicago & Los Angeles Improv Comedy, Scriptwriters Network, Magic Image, Burke Williams, Indie Rentals, Greenhouse Studios, The Futon Critic, and Stay Tuned TV.net.


The future of television never looked better. 


For more information go to www.itvfest.org

Published on Aug 14, 2011

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