Indique Hair Los Angeles Opening - The Jewel Wrap Up

Rubee Jewel and Indique Hair Owner Erika Dotson


It's Rubee Jewel back with another Wrap Up this is one of my favorites. I recently got the opportunity to attend the opening event for the very popular and celebrity loved hair line Indique. This was definately a classy, upscale experience of pampering and beauty. With complimentary waxings, facials, beauty tips, music, wine and appetizers. I definately would call this fabulousness at its finest. 


Celebrity makeup Artist Aj Crimson

Indique Hair has been around for quite a while. In fact  the beautiful and talented Erika Dotson this fearless beauty has numeros stores in New York, New Jersey, Philidelphia, Houstoon, Chicago, Atlanta, South Africa and now Los Angeles. So she is definately building a franchise of beauty. Her cute and adorable Hair Boutiques are very fresh, nice stores. That gives you a feeling of shopping in an upscale store for an affordable price. 

Indique Hair Care Products Available in Indique Stores and online


Aj Crimson Presents his new makeup line as he supports the opening of Indique Boutique LA

A countless number of celebrities, makeup artists, hairstylist and so many more came out to support the opening pamper party for Indique Boutique Los Angeles located in the heart of the very upscale Culver City, CA. There were some suprises as well like go odies of course. From sweet tasty delights, Champaine, free eye brow waxing, manicures, even hair touch ups done by professional stylists.

DJ Klav

Erika Dotson clearly is an originator. Her story truely will inspire you.opening vent in Los Angeles was a beautiful experience not only because she is expanding but it seemed closer to her heart.Erika went through a lose in her family to cancer and decided to have an event not only to celebrate the new store bt to celebrate the lives of Cancer survivers. Inviting four of the most beautiful and inspirational survivors i had ever  met. These women were strong women surving a number of 20 years plus combined.

Aj Crimson and Celebrity make Up Artist Dee-dee Kelly

MakeUp Artist MiMi

During the toast while telling her story Erika Dotson truely got emotional sharing with everyone that came to support her opening.She is not only a hair trensetter with always having a unique hairstyle of her own. Erika also gave women a platform to have good quality beauty. Her Indique Hair Line has blazed a trail for hair distributors everywhere. It is a very difficult thing to stand out in something so many have tried to do before. Erika Dotson has proven that she is definately standing alone in branding her own quality hair. 100% human hair.

Cancer Survivors get a makeover

Indique Hair has a long list ofn celebrity clientele from Rhianna, Gabriel Union, Ciara, Kelly Rowland, Lady Gaga, Lala Anthony and so many more.Erika has built an impressive fan base amongst so many women that were looking for the right hair. This high quality hair is some of the best hair you can get on the market. Unlike the saying you get what you pay for with Indique Hair you get more than you paid for. Starting at about $169 dollars a tube. This hair will not only give you that professional hir care look but it last an extremely long time from what i hear. After hearing a story from Indique Hair Owner Erika Dotsons PR Jamilla Cummings. The beautiful tall director of public relations tells me she rocked some Indique hair for at least 6 months trough numerous washings and stlyes. Now as a women that loves her hair hearing this information had me sold. Cause all ladies that love weave the best hair you can get is the kind that last the longest and still looks good.Expecially for months. Thats our kind of hair.

whats a party without those infamous selfies Erika and Aj just had too

Goodtimes and Great People

I loved taking to all the ladies that were apart of this fabulous event. They brought a great night to life. With great testimonies from some amazing women including Erika Dotson herself. I Queen Salute Erika for being a strong women bilding a brand.Through all of her trials and tribulations she stayed positive and created and empire. That bwill go on to continue growing into a national brand.   


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