IFBB Pro League Flex Pro & Fitness championships

 The second year of IFBB Pro League Flex Pro & Fitness championships competition was presented by Body Fortress took place sat February 18, 2012 and was held in Santa Monica at the civic center.

Janaina Barral

A full audience showed up to rally the competition where there were several categories of competition both male and female including bikini, fitness and body building.  The pre-judging started at noon. This is when all the competitors are presented on stage, group by group and then they get presented individually and are compared in each group in front of the judges so the judges can decide their favorite picks in each category. This contest had some of the highest quality elite competitors that the sport had to offer. 

The Flex Pro Championships started with pre- judging where each contestant presented themselves by showing off their assets including muscle tone and presentation and for the females over all beauty.  The men's body building showed exceptional displays of strength and defined anatomy.  The audience appeared impressed as the music played and each contestant emerged with a personal sense of confidence and unique personality while they enjoyed showing off their muscular prowess.

The female fitness contestants all wore beautiful custom jeweled competition style swimsuits. The female fitness competitors did subtle flexes to show off their hot lean muscular bodies.  Each female showed their front and back end for the judges. The bikini competitors were equally as lovely but typically did not  have as much muscularity to their bodies as the fitness competitors yet but still with curves and lean muscle tone. Their bikinis in this category tended to be a different style than the fitness.  The colors were all bright and the overall competition of the females was stiff having many strong contenders. 

Lionel Beyeke

The winner for the bikini competition received 1000 cash prize, a spot in the 18 women finals Flex bikini model search in Las Vegas during Olympia Weekend and an appearance in the pages of Flex Magazine

Second place took a 500 cash prize along with a spot in the 18- women finals of the Flex Bikini Model Search in Las Vegas during the Olympia Weekend and appear in the pages of Flex magazine.

Third place 300 cash prize and an appearance in Flex Magazine 

The evening was the final presentation for the competition where the judges presented the winners of each category.  The winners were as follows:

Men      1. Lionel Beyeke   2. Ben Pakulski    3. Foad Abiad    4. Shawn Rhoden   5. Eduardo Correa Da Silva

Fitness   1. Adela Garcia    2. Oksana Grishina  3. Myriam Capes 

Bikini     1. Janaina Barral  

More on website http://www.musculardevelopment.com/contests/12-flex-pro/3987-2012-flex-pro-final-report.html

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