#GrowingUpPlus Review - Veronica Pome'e Launches Campaign with Message of Instilling Confidence in Plus Youth

When I heard of this new #GrowingUpPlus campaign launch, I knew I had to go because the topic hit close to home for me for a couple of reasons. I have a 14 year old daughter who, at 9 years old, thought she was already fat. When I was 9, I don’t even remember what I wore (or cared), let alone think about my weight in any way. It just wasn’t a part of the scene when I was growing up. Nowadays, the magazine ads and advertisements bombard are girls with images of the “perfect” female. An image that is hardly perfect.

Plus Sized Models in Slick Jeans - Photo Credit Campaign Photographer

Veronica Pome'e and #ChangeInLove presented an event to launch the campaign on September 4th and it was quite a powerful event. Many came out to support the event including actor and plus model Kia Billinger and plus model Simone Mariposa.

Plus Sized Models - Photo Credit - Red Carpet Photographer

Co-Founder of #ChangeinLOVE and model signed to True Model Management, Veronica Pome'e @lovetolondon introduced her campaign and updated site to the masses on Sunday, September 4, 2016. Veronica and United We Function invited the public and press to join them at The Imperial Arts Studio in Downtown Los Angeles, 4pm-10pm. (Red carpet started at 5pm.)

Eating Pizza - (Ad Designed for Event)

One of the things I didn’t like about the event was the photo shoot and video of the girls eating pizza. For many plus sized girls, it’s not about food but things like hypothyroid or genetics. It’s a battle of the bulge that can’t be won simply by cutting food back. The event could have been done without any direct food associations and been just as successful (more so). It wasn’t a must to include that direct link to food because it sends many negative messages.

As a plus-sized girl myself, being 5’2” and 160 lbs, I have Hasimoto’s which is a thyroid condition that causes me to retain a tremendous amount of fluid weight. I could eat sub-zero calories and STILL not lose weight (trust me, I’ve tried everything). I’ve come to terms with my voluptuousness and realized it will be who I am going forward. I didn’t appreciate the association of pizza and plus-sized girls stuffing large slices of pizza into their mouths as if we’re all just big pigs that can’t stop eating. As for the message it sent out, it was no better than the “perfect” girls in Cosmopolitan. I’m sure that wasn’t the aim of the message but it did come off that way to more than just me. I’ll give them points for being well-intended but next time, ditch the food props.

Big and Beautiful - Campaign Photographer

What I DID like about the event was that so many big and beautiful women of all shapes and sizes came out to support a great theme. From celebrity models to the everyday gal. It was a smorgasbord of gorgeous women. It’s a proven fact that instinctually, many men are drawn to women with curves over those without for biological reasons. This confirms a woman with extra curves isn’t imperfect and there isn’t something wrong with her. The media has blown way out of proportion the ideal woman and not in the plus-sized way.

Curves Are Sexy - Red Carpet Photographer

@maddivaconcierge provided their specialty sangria for the event which was delicious and went well with the food being served. Yatir Clothing was one of the women’s clothing vendors that I liked because they had sexy but classy pieces. @thebbqshow on @IslandBlockRadio (on DashRadio) represented by broadcasting live during the event. Slink Jeans was also a sponsor and appeared in the pizza picture/video with the models. 

Plus Sized Model - Photo Credit Event Photographer

Overall the party was a smashing success with much support from the public. Its message of instilling a sense of confidence in plus youth by breaking down the fundamentals in understanding inner beauty and self-worth was mostly hit on the nose. I would love to see more of these kinds of events for the youth to show them how confident, successful and beautiful plus-sized women can be.

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