Grits and Biscuits - Twerking While Serving Southern Flavor

EZMoBreezy! Photo Credit: The Photography Machine

All of Los Angeles gathered at The House of Blues on the Sunset Strip for a party like no other. A walk, or should I say ‘twerk’ down memory lane, to bring back something we all miss-and that is old school music, and a down right old fashion ‘dance party’.

The Scene at Grits & Biscuits! Photo Credit: The Photography Machine

EZMoBreezy is the trio that has garnered this impeccable idea to bring the ‘south’ to everyone and make it a worldwide movement. Grits and Biscuits ‘A Dirty South Set’ transformed the hotspot and brought it back to collegiate days. “A lot of people don’t hear southern music at parties” says Erika. “However this was something that many people wanted, so we figured why not bring it to the people.” The team consists of: Erika, Zo, and Maurice which makes an evening at ‘Grits & Biscuits’ effortlessly easy hence the synonym ‘breezy’.

The name ‘Grits & Biscuits’ is a comfort food that represents southern flavor, and that is just how this trio wants attendees to feel upon entering their parties-comfortable and with the utmost ability to ‘get lose’. Whether you went to school in the south, or are from the south, a connection to the south is somewhat universal.

Grits & Biscuits Transformed the House of Blues! Photo Credit: The Photography Machine

“So far it has been a lot of love, it’s a blessing” says Erika. “[Grits & Biscuits] is something we started and created, but it’s not ours anymore-it’s for everyone else-it’s a party for the people. With its third year in effect the ‘Grits & Biscuits’ has finally launched a tour to give everyone a taste of what it’s like in the ‘Dirty South’. Represent for ‘the dirty’ and bring your kin folk” says Zo!

Grits & Biscuits-Get Some! Photo Credit: The Photography Machine

Whether you like your grits creamy, sugary, or salty, this is a party for everyone. It’s bursting with intensity and diversity and sure will serve you a heaping amount of memories, and not to mention a great workout! The tour is set to hit: Chicago, DC, Charlotte, New York, and of course LA. So wear your sneakers and come as you are and we’ll see you on the dance floor!



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