Going Green - The Choice Hospitality Group Way

The aim to go green in this day and age is an admirable and commendable one. To hear of a business establishment intending to do so – what could be better? A member of the Green Restaurant Association, Choice Hospitality Group is proud to announce their newly greenified Holly’s West, which was simultaneously promoted and sponsored by Los Angeles Magazine as well as Steaz beverages. This is their first venue to comply with the Santa Monica Green Business Certification Program, and they eventually aim to expand their environmentally conscious efforts to their other locations.

Holly’s West, their premiere establishment to attain the certification, is setting an example by committing to some very significant changes including the replacement of all disposable content with recyclable material. They are also eliminating endangered seafood items off of the menu as well as educating their staff on ways to reduce and consumption. An undertaking worthy of its efforts, it is easy to applaud such an act, especially in this day and age where capitalism has its firm grip on businesses. Bold enough to take a step forward with the task at hand, I certainly hope other companies choose to follow suit.

Ryan Horne, of Choice, says that they would like to set an example for all businesses by Going Green. While they have initiated the process at Holly’s West and Tengu Santa Monica, they have implemented the same steps at all of their other locations regardless of their ability to obtain the certification. Simply by making different purchasing decisions or conserving and reusing on an individual basis, they are already making a world of difference.

LA Splash is proud to have been a part of the event, and we look forward to participating in such future events.

To learn more about Choice Hospitality Group, please visit them here.

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