Gloria Allred Talks Oscar Predictions and Ousting Herman Cain from the Republican Nomination for President of The U.S.

Gloria Allred is one of the most well-known and sought after attorney’s practicing law today and has been involved in some of the most popular criminal cases to date including O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson and Robert Blake. Gloria Allred has been described as one of the most effective advocates of family rights and feminist cause by Time Magazine.


Splash Magazines had the rare and awesome privilege of capturing Gloria in all her glory at the Night of 100 Stars Annual Gala at the Beverly Hills Hotel, in Beverly Hills, CA. It’s one of Hollywood’s prestigious movie industry awards shows and is hosted by the legendary Norby Walters.

Famed Attorney Gloria Allred


Gloria wasted no time talking about her guest of honor Ginger White, the woman who claimed to have had a 13 year extra-marital affair with Republican hopeful Herman Cain. Herman Cain was a candidate for the 2012 U.S. Republican Party presidential nomination.

Gloria describes Ginger as a woman with a lot of courage and credits Ginger's bold confession that knocked Herman Cain out of the running. She also sites Ginger White as making her important mark in history.


Ginger White


Ginger White, a former fitness instructor and single mother of two said that it was a tough decision at first, but knew she had did the right thing by coming forward and is very proud of herself for doing so and having the opportunity to be at the Gala with Gloria Allred.


Check out our interview as Gloria Allred and Ginger White talk about their favorite actors and predictions for the 2012 Oscar Award show.


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