Dwell on Design 2011 Review - A Three-Day Celebration of Modern Design

This year, Dwell organized the West Coast’s largest design event which features design talents from around the world. This event was located at the Los Angeles Convention Center and during this weekend (June 24-26, 2011), you could be the witness of modern designs ranging from prefab to crafts to products to architecture.

During an interview, Michela O’Connor Abrams, President of Dwell Media, gave us her insight of the event:

“We are here at our sixth annual Dwell on Design. This is our fourth year in Los Angeles. This is the permanent home of Dwell on Design because our goal was to bring modern design to life in a way that was an experience, not a traditional tradeshow. What we have created here, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, is an experiential exhibition and conference that combines great content and speakers and panels and demonstrations, with all of our wonderful partners and many of our cultural exhibition partners, to really give people a complete immersive design experience."

Michela O’Connor Abrams, President at Dwell Media

This exciting weekend of seminars and discussions welcomed more than 200 exhibitors, ranging from different categories such as Design Materials and Energy, Furniture and Accessories, Kitchen and Bath and much more. Michela O’Connor Abrams explained:

“Many of the exhibitors are advertising partners, some of them are architects that we have certainly covered in the pages of Dwell and on dwell.com. But many of them are just our partners in this live event, which is so wonderful because it is almost like the brand Dwell in Media is a Venn diagram where there is the circle for the magazine and there is just some overlap of audience. We are really fortunate to bring together so many greats architects, designers and landscape architects to really design an experience that we want to be immersive. So you don’t feel like you are in a tradeshow, going up and down these alleys and scanning your badge.”

Among the numerous exhibitors was PurePhoto.com, a new community for people who want to style their apartment with original photography at affordable prices. We interviewed John Ellis, CEO of the company:

PurePhoto is an online marketplace for buying and selling photographic cards. We have photographers from around the world, we have over 100 different countries right now that joined our site and they upload their final photography that they want to sale or share. They upload the work that they want, they priced it out. We have buyers that also joined the site, whether they are interior decorators, designers, collectors, people who just like photography. They joined the site as well and created a profile. Those buyers and sellers come together in this marketplace to buy photographs and prints. We typically handle the printing for the photographers.”

John Ellis, CEO of PurePhoto.com

This design experience was really immersive, and you didn’t feel like you were attending a regular trade show. As the attendants could witness the exhibits from Miele, Molo, Solar city and much more, they could also enjoy a relaxing moment with Panasonic.

Panasonic relaxing chairs

Another great highlight of the event was the Modern World Awards and Dwell on Design Awards, where the crowd could participate to the first-ever Modern World Awards, and where the nominees had been chosen by Dwell editors across five categories: eat, live, create, work and play.


Sam Grawe, Editor-in-Chief at Dwell


As the event was really focused on sustainable materials, they also presented a Modern Living Showhouse by ecofabulous, where you could enjoy organic bites and eco libations as you took a private tour of the 550 sq. ft. sustainable prefab with ecofabulous founder Zem Joaquin and pieceHomes principal architect Jonathan Davis.

We are looking forward to attend the next event of Dwell on Design 2012.

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