Dwell on Design 2011 Review- An Evening with Miele and Dwell Editors at Bay Cities Kitchens and Appliances

On Wednesday June 22th 2011, Bay Cities Kitchens and Appliances welcomed Miele and Dwell editors for an evening of savory bites, intelligent debate, and inspiring design. The store located in Beverly Hills was the perfect place to host two of the leading names in the design industry.

Bay Cities Kitchens and Appliances

Aaron Britt, Senior Editor at Dwell Media, explained the importance of this event for both Dwell and Miele:

“This event tonight is an opportunity for Dwell to have a conversation with Miele. Our Editor-in-Chief Sam Grawe and the President of Dwell Media, Michela O’Connor Abrams, are going to have a conversation about the latest designs, and about Miele. We are doing this because Miele is a company that we cover a lot in the magazine. And they are also coming to our big show Dwell on Design to present their products.”

Aaron Britt, Senior Editor at Dwell Media

Dwell organized various events during the entire week of Dwell on Design, and the big show runs from Friday to Sunday at the Los Angeles Convention center. This interactive tradeshow is essentially the pages of Dwell magazine and the pages of dwell.com brought to life. This is the fourth year of Dwell on Design in Los Angeles.

Miele also choose this event at Bay Cities Kitchens and Appliances as an opportunity to launch their new line of dishwashers, the “Futura Series”. As Sherry Qualls, Public Relation representative at Miele explained: “We choose this week to actually launch it in the United States because of Dwell’s fabulous event.”

"Futura Series", the World's Most Intelligent Dishwasher

The intuitive design of the Futura Series is all about adaptability. Thanks to the advanced technological features such as BrilliantLight interior LEDs and a Perfect GlassCare system, the Futura series ensures optimal and consistent results with each use.

Sherry Qualls explained further: “It is illuminated inside. It has LED lighting, which is wonderful and simply smarter because it actually knows, depending on the settings that you are putting in on, how to take care of everything from very fine crystals to very heavy dirty large items.”

As Miele is a leading company in the kitchen appliances, Aaron Britt explained the importance of the kitchen in the homes today.

“I think that in general, the kitchen is maybe the most active part of the house. But it is also the most social part of the house. A lot of the things that people desire in terms of automation, integration, use of technology, I think we are finding that in the kitchen, more and more. It is not longer this part of the house that is out in the back, and that no one sees. It is now the big stage in your home and I think that people want the kind of products to reflect the way they use their kitchen. But also, if it is going to be this social entertaining space, they want something that they feel is going to fit their aesthetic as well.”

This event was definitively a success for both Miele and Dwell, as the attendants could easily see the synergy existing between the two companies. 


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