DoRichThings Streetwear Launch Party Review - Doing Big Things In Rich Style


A life-long Converse Chuck Taylor fan, Nick Romero, a 29-year-old Los Angeles native, armed himself with a printer that could print on various garment types including canvas. After countless hours of trial and error the full concept for The Ave was born. In 2008, Nick took a trip out to Chicago to visit some family. While there, he came across a store that did custom press-on t-shirts with Chicago-esque designs available. Nick thought to himself that LA should have a similar store, but didn’t think it should stop at T-shirts. They got you covered from head to toe with the softest shirts for men and women.

Nick found the perfect location for The Ave in Venice Beach. A place where he hung out regularly growing up, living just a mile away in neighboring Santa Monica; the birthplace of his grandmother and father. Nick was able to get a patent for his device and soon The Ave became the first and only fully-customizable shoe store. The Ave offers a unique shopping experience to visitors of all ages.

The Ave officially opened their doors on April 7th, 2010, and in just a few short months already had offers from people all over the world to franchise and grow the business. Nick’s year and a half of research, trial and error with the printing device, business plan-writing, store location scouting, construction and interior design (done by Nick with help from his uncle Mando and cousin Casey), design creation, and much more was truly paying off. In the last two years, The Ave has grown into a team of superstars. Customized sneakers and apparel for celebrities including Johnny Knoxville, Sofia Vergara, Danny Trejo and many more.

DoRichThings Streetwear Launch Party was on the rooftop provided music by DJ Prophet of 935KDAY and DJ Sid Wilson of Slipknot. DoRichThings' new line of snapback headwear. Sponsors included Grand Leyenda Organic Tequila, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, Colt 45 Malt Liquor and Monster Energy Drink served by Stephanie Meyer; with the help of Jon Moore and Kimala also promoted the event. Amanda, one of the crew, was a sweetheart to me. It was an amazing atmosphere and I loved the event on the rooftop above their store. I received a “DoRichThings” beanie from them as a gift. I'm definitely going to be shopping there for custom made sneakers. I love their styles and creativity of their streetwear.

Photos by RayLynn Prokasky, Danisha Gipson Cortland, and Gene Freeman

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