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Dave & Buster’s Westchester – A Monstrous Los Angeles Debut

By Stephan Martin

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As soon as you walk into the new Dave & Buster’s you will immediately know this is not your typical gamer’s restaurant. 42,000 square feet of fun, for kids and adults, the energy will grab you and your eyes will just begin to wander as you try to figure out what to experience first.


Dave & Buster’s had to be waiting for the perfect location to make its Los Angeles debut and they found it at the Howard Hughes Center in Westchester near LAX, opening February 19th. A perfect location for all of Los Angeles, right between the South Bay and Silicon Beach, this Dave & Buster’s is perfect for after-work gatherings, dinner for the family or any type of weekend gathering that you want something for the entire family.

This Dave & Buster’s is truly a spot that can keep you, your family and your friends entertained for an entire day. Of course there are games and not just for the kids, you are likely to see just as many adults playing games as you do kids. There are over 170 games to choose from including; Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix Deluxe, the incredibly popular Temple Run, Darkscape 4D, which is a whole new experience when it comes monster games. How about getting four of your friends together to compete in trivia or a crazy version of Pac Man that you can eat not only ghosts, but your friends? You can shoot hoops, win prizes; the list goes on and on. You will run out of time before you run out of games and no more quarters, you just get one of the simple to use Dave & Buster’s cards and start playing.

The gaming is just the beginning at Dave & Buster’s. How about an incredible sports bar? It is almost as if there are two entirely different aspects to Dave & Buster’s with a sports bar that could compete with any bar in Los Angeles when it comes to making sure you catch every game as well as events like the biggest UFC matches.  You not only have a gigantic bar to make sure you have a seat and a drink, but there are plenty of tables for dining and if you want a little more action there are pool tables as well.

If you are looking for something a little more private, Dave & Buster’s has several private rooms and those can be opened up to create one large private room. This is perfect for a family gathering and Dave & Buster’s also makes a great spot for businesses. You can hold meetings, do team building, Dave & Buster’s is able to work with any group to set things up for them.

Sports Bar

Being able to watch all of your favorite teams in such a setting always makes for a great time but the part you might be surprised about and you will love is the unique cocktail menu at Dave & Buster’s. You are going to be shocked when you find cocktails like the Million Dollar Margarita, the D&B TNTea, a great take on the classic Long Island Iced Tea that is served in a souvenir glass. My personal favorite are the snow cones, this adult treat looks and tastes exactly like it sounds, an icy delight that comes in such flavors as; watermelon, Miami Ice and blue razz.

Million Dollar Margarita

You are going to work up an appetite playing all of those games and of course Dave & Buster’s has a menu loaded with classic appetizers, they have a wide range of steaks, ribs, pasta including a mac & cheese that comes with grilled seasoned chicken breast and applewood smoked bacon, creamy aged sharp cheddar cheese sauce and it is baked with a breadcrumb crust. You will not leave Dave & Buster’s hungry.

Great food at Dave & Buster's

Dave & Buster’s also has plenty of great specials such as the Eat & Play $16.99 deal, happy hour and late night happy hour along with a variety of gaming specials. If you are looking to be entertained, Dave & Buster’s has you covered in every way imaginable.

Private Room

Dave & Buster’s Westchester is located at 6081 Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045. Hours of operation are Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to midnight and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.

For more information visit Dave & Buster’s

Published on Feb 19, 2014

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