Consumer Product Events Eco Gear Salon – Unveiling the Latest Eco-Friendly Products

Consumer Product Events hosted their annual “Eco Gear” product salon at Morton’s Steakhouse in Anaheim on Saturday to allow the media an up-close look at a unique selection of natural, eco, green, sustainable, organic and raw products.

Less than a year old, Spark Naturals was introducing their medicinally-inspired essential oil apothecary line of kits. The essential oils that Spark Naturals has created have been formulated to help with an assortment of problems with kits such as; Cold and Flu Bomb, Sanity Saver and Jeddy's Blend, which is a natural alternative for ADD, ADHD and Anxiety. Spark Naturals are formulated to address conditions of which ancient cultures used to treat with plants, trees and vegetation and now they can be used as a great alternative to prescription medication. For more information visit Spark Naturals.

Spark Naturals

“I and love and you” was introducing their reformulated recipes for its all natural raw homemade food for dogs that no longer contain grains. “I and love and you” features meat as the number one ingredient and then has low glycemic carbs such as sweet potatoes and split peas. By using freeze dried and dehydrated meats in their formulas they are able to retain an amazing 95% to 97% of all nutrients. “I and love and you” have an entire line of products that include; healthy food, treats, chews, supplements and remedies and to make sure you are always getting what is best for your dog “I and love and you” have an on-staff holistic veterinarian. For more information visit “I and love and you.”

I and love and you

There are waters that flood the market making claims about what they will do for your body; Fluro Water is one of the few that actually can back up their claims. Fluro Water is infused with 14 essential nutrients for the human body without sugar or preservatives. Fluro Water was originally developed to aid those in dire situation by providing proper nutrition and clean water and then due to the great benefits, it was brought to the mainstream market. In addition to all of the nutrients, Fluro Water comes in some unique and tasty flavors such as; Dark Cherry, Macoun Apple, Watermelon Raspberry and Kiwi Cucumber. For more information visit Fluro Water.

Fluro Water

Krave Jerky will turn your jerky world upside down with one bite. Most jerky is tough, hard and takes its toll on your teeth and jaw to eat, Krave Jerky is the complete opposite thanks to the “low and slow” method to create the moist and tender texture of Krave. The fact that Krave is so very tender and soft, you won’t have to focus on chewing, you can concentrate on all of the amazing flavors that include; Basil-Citrus, Lemon-Garlic, Black Cherry BBQ, Pineapple Orange and Chili Lime. This all natural line comes in turkey, pork and beef versions. For more information visit Krave Jerky.

Krave Jerky

Simply SoapBerry has taken the Himalayan soap berries and created a powerful and economical laundry detergent. The people of the Himalayas have been cleaning clothes by wetting dried soap berries and now Simply SoapBerry has taken those amazing cleaning properties and turned it into a laundry detergent that you can use in your own home. Simply SoapBerry has created a convenient pump bottle that is so powerful that you can get 128 loads out of one bottle, more than double your typical store bought version. In addition to cleaning, it leaves your clothes smelling clean and fresh and to show just how powerful Simply SoapBerry is, it will knock the gym smell out of your workout clothes. For more information visit Simply SoapBerry.

Soap Berry

The skin of a baby is extremely delicate and taking of it properly is a must. BabySpaUSA - As babies develop from birth through toddler-hood, their skin changes, requiring special care and more targeted attention. In their distinctive white milk bottle-shaped packaging, BabySpaUSA features exotic ethnobotanical ingredients from all over the world including natural SPF, Nyamplung Oil;  anti-oxidant rich Kendi Oil; sun recovery Kizis Oil and healing Songa Oil. All products are 98-100% natural and totally free of parabens, phthalates, SLS, PEGS, and mineral oil. For more information visit BabySpaUSA.

If you something to reward your dog that they will truly love and appreciate it just takes on irresistible holistic Buffalo Stix chew from Canine Caviar. That is just one of the great products from Canine Caviar that focuses on a holistic diet offers the most digestible dry food on the market. If you have a difficult time finding something to put in your dogs dish that they will actually enjoy eating you know is good for them, the dry kibble that is in a raw diet meat form that is fits the bill for both of you. For more information visit Canine Caviar

Canine Caviar

Canus was showcasing their line of fresh goat’s milk skin care products, Nature by Canus. Nature by Canus will be launching in spring of this year and are expected to hit retail shelves by this summer. Why goat’s milk? Due to having a shorter protein strand it is easier for the skin to absorb and it has an alkalizing effect on the body. While goat’s milk might not be in the mainstream right now, you can trace it back to Cleopatra, as she filled her bathtub with goat's milk.  You can look for a line of lotions, bar soaps, lip balms and body washes all made of fresh goat’s milk from Canus, with the soaps and lotions coming in five formulas. A portion of each purchase is donated to Canus for a Cure to help patients cope with cancer. For more information visit Nature by Canus.

Deborah Lindquist Fashions had a number of pieces from her unique clothing line at Consumer Product Events Eco Gear Salon. Deborah has been showcased in numerous magazines including Lucky, Elle and In Style for her celebrity clients who range from Gwen Stefani to Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron and Pink, Deborah Lindquist’s eco-conscious and cutting-edge designs lead her down a path that very people could follow as her line features vintage cut cashmere and items such as a dress that was made from the ribbon of a cassette tape. She is truly one of the nation’s most sought after and trend-setting environmentally conscious designers. For more information visit Deborah Lindquist

Deborah Lindquist Fashions

Dream Spa Light was demonstrating the first in-home light therapy device that works systemically throughout the body.  The Dream Spa Light can impact you in so many ways, it improves sleep and mood, increases energy and mental clarity, alleviates stress, and decreases lines and wrinkles. For more information visit Dream Spa Light.

Dream Spa Light

Don’t Go Nuts are a nut free foods line that originated from the mind of a 12-year old entrepreneur with a bad allergy. The line include protein bars and soy butters which are organic, non-GMO and come in chocolate, cinnamon sugar, slightly sweet, lightly sea salted and pure unsalted flavors. For more information visit Don’t Go Nuts.

Don’t Go Nuts and Sacred Sleep

Growing Naturals – Makers of organic plant-based protein powders, from whole grain brown rice and yellow pea, to milk substitute powders and sports nutrition drinks. Growing Naturals features Oryzatein® Inside, the highest quality, enzyme-extracted and 100% natural rice protein available in the world. For more information visit Growing Naturals.

Hydro Flask has perfected the art of keeping your cold drinks cold and anything that want to stay, hot. Hydro Flask®  uses only high-quality, 18/8 stainless steel and each flask incorporates double wall vacuum insulation, BPA-free materials, food grade stainless steel, a range of fun, bold colors and a lifetime warranty. Hydro Flasks are both reusable and recyclable. For more information visit Hydro Flask.

Looking for a healthy salad dressing that her children would actually like was the inspiration for Miss Mermaid’s Salad Dressing. This tasty line of blended salad dressings is made of 100% virgin olive oil and comes in such flavors as Orange Ginger, Cranberry Orange and Raisin Spice and they are all transfat, gluten, soy, dairy and garlic-free. Everyone will love the flavor and you can appreciate how healthy these salad dressings are for your entire family. For more information visit Miss Mermaid.

Miss Mermaid’s Salad Dressing

Pinto Barn is an e-tailer that offers products that nurture the body and enrich the soul. Founded from flashes of desperation that bloomed into inspiration, Jane and Doug Pinto became aware that what kids eat could kill them. Also concerned about the epidemic of overwhelm that erodes our ability to stop and rest and renew, they created Sacred Sleep.

Finding a scent that smelled as lovely as high end perfumes but did not contain synthetics, neurotoxic musks and phthalates was nearly impossible and that lead to the creation of Pure Natural Diva Botanicals. This stunning botanical and organic perfume and beauty line that leaves out all the bad ingredients and just leaves you with a luxurious line of scents that include; Green Citrus, A Rose Bordered Citrus Grove and Spicy Vanilla. In addition to the perfumes there are soaps, body and hand wash as well as lotions. For more information visit Pure Natural Diva Botanicals.  

Scentual by Lilly features body scrubs, lotions and roll-ons created by daytime drama star, Lilly Melgar, best known for her role on General Hospital. Lilly began a soft debut of her line in Fall 2013 through private gifting to her fellow celebrities at the Emmy Awards, Country Music Awards and Golden Globes. For more information visit Scentual by Lilly.

Scentual By Lilly

Who is not looking for flavor in a salad dressing yet wishing for few calories? Skinny Eats took a little food science and whipped up a line of whipped salad dressing that amazingly is only 15 calories per serving. This canister looks and acts like a whipped cream canister but instead of a sweet treat, you get a tasty topping such as Honey French, Bleu Cheese and Caesar for your salad. For more information visit Skinny Eats.

Consumer Product Events connects consumer packaged goods with the press who are looking to report about them. Created by a PR veteran whose clients have included everything from Champagne Mumm and Mrs. Fields Cookies to the Swatch Boardercross Tour and red carpet events with Elton John, Sting, and Michael Douglas -- we know how to get the media’s attention. The series of events showcase consumer products to the press who are actively searching for content exactly at the time they need it. Consumer Product Events gets products into the hands of multitudes of targeted magazine, newspaper, TV, radio, and online reporters. Showcasing product with Consumer Product Events can save more than 95% of a yearlong PR budget. The most highly targeted PR investment available, our events cover over 15 industry categories and expose products to the most influential reporters in just one day.

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