Cirque de Soleil and Glade Fragrance Review- Celebrating Spring



Blossoms fill the air and scents inspire us to create things anew for the coming spring.  So, too, did Cirque du Soleil as they teamed up with Glade Fragances in a year long event to develop a new program that would bring forth the emotions of the season and prove there is more to scents than meets the nose.  

Cirque du Soleil performers Khongulzul Tzeyen Oidur and Saranna Kelly

Nothing captures your attention quite like the alluring mix of fresh peony and pink roses mixed with irresistible cherry combined with peony.  This relaxing odor of Cherry Blossoms sets the mood for romance while the Hawaiian Breezes fragrant candles - a combination of beachwood and cream -- inspire thoughts of cool ocean winds, tropical fruits and paradise.  


Glade and Cirque Du Soleil

“We wanted to show how fragrance affects people,” said Carla Marques.  “Each scent brings up memories of the past that we might fondly recall.  It’s the emotions that it brings forth, which we want to feel and empowers people.”  She pointed to the lit candles and the energy in the flames.   The warmth effused the room.  All the senses are engaged. 


Cirque du Soleil performers Khongulzul Tzeyen Oidur and Saranna Kelly

Watching Cirque de Soleil performers Khongulzul Tzeyen Oidur and  Saranna Kelly as they twisted, tumbled and contorted in their gymnastic dance,  we marveled at their smooth proficiency. The pair said they practice daily and rather than being work this is a passion for them.   “The idea is always to be in movement.”    Touring Southern California, they strutted their stuff on Access Hollywood

The art comes in the telling the story of the fragrance and expressing the emotions.


Glade and Cirque Du Soleil

The delicate and yet amazing costumes, developed  together by Veronique Dussault was enhanced by the makeup expertly applied by Maryse Gosselin.   In the chair, Marie Grujicic is having the cherry blossoms applied.


Cirque Du Soleil - Marie Grujicic modeling cherry blossoms

Cirque du Soleil has been performing all over the world since founded in the 1980's by Guy Laliberté of Quebec City.  The remarkable bond between artists and spectators continues to this day.  

 This year long partnership will demonstrate how any of the Glade® fragrances can incite emotion, spark the imagination and arouse the senses. Cirque du Soleil is known for producing high quality productions telling each show's story through captivating theatrical performances, stunning acrobatics, dramatic music and lighting. As part of the year-long partnership, Cirque du Soleil and Glade® will bring people across the country scent-inspired surprise special performances, testimonials from Cirque du Soleil experts, and more.

 Look for future performances from the fabulous Cirque du Soleil

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