Cinco de Mayo with 3 Cuban Amigos: Pitbull, Victorino Noval and Steven Bauer

Victorino Noval's annual Cinco de Mayo pool party this last Saturday was wet and wild and

Having Fun at Victorino Noval's Cinco de Mayo Pool Party

 confusing even without
Don (Mr. In Spanish) Sterling, who someone said was coming. I said, “Let him in even if he comes with Magic, even he comes with his wife... even if he comes with Ted Danson in Blackface!” For goodness sakes, he is 81 years old with prostate cancer. He has dominated the news and he might be followed in by Barbara Walters with a mike. Incidentally, rumor has it she scored big with Fidel Castro (another Cuban) who really understands PR. Don should try the beard and mustache disguise at the next Clippers game, green would be a great color. Or maybe Don should trade the team for the Beverly Hills Hotel. The Sultan of Brunei is a bit homophobic and at least Donald would have a place to live when his wife throws him out.

Banditos at Cinco de Mayo Pool Party

Mustaches and hats were available for all who wanted to feel extra festive, and vibe with the Mariachi Players.

Mariachi Band

Victorino Noval in Disguise with PItbull

Egyptian aristocrat Samir may not be Mexican but he speaks a very diplomatic Spanish.

Samir Mahallawy and Friends

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! Turn around and there was Shane Black, action director from IRON MAN, etc. proving that you don't have to be a Cuban to enjoy Cinco de Mayo. He was chatting with entertainment lawyer Usman Shaikh... And filmmaker Edward Bass, oh that's me going for the shameless plug. And Usman then turned to speak to Bauer, mentioning that when he was at ICM people said he looked liked Steven. Lucky for ICM he is practicing entertainment law in his own firm now, because when clients needed pictures sent he mailed his own! I actually think he looks more like John Travolta.

Steven Bauer and Ron Smith

It was interesting to speak with Steven Bauer, who like our pal John Voight, is experiencing a renaissance of sorts with TV series RAY DONOVAN playing an Israeli named Avi. With all his time with legendary film producer Avi Lerner(who still sounds as if he speaking right to left), Bauer nailed the accent and could fool your Aunt Golda. Sitting there with Bauer, it was a nonstop crowd around him as people feel they know that Jewban (Cuban).Manny Ribbera was great but he died along with Al Pacino'sTony Montana, Avi lives. As forJohn Voight, playing Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan's father), he is also in the now and this is his best work since he and Dustin Hoffmandid MIDNIGHT COWBOY.

Jon Voight and Lieb Schriebner - The Donovans

Pitbull was inside enjoying the a/c and staying dry as Victorino was personally bombarding the guests with water balloons. Pitbull at 3 could recite the works of Cuban poet Jose Marti. He overcame adversity from being in community where the only money came from selling drugs, to being discounted as a rapper initially due to his unconventional looks, to fight relentlessly like a..... yes, pitbull. Unassuming in person for a megastar, he is just plain great.
By night it was fight, fight and the crowd was watching! Last week it was the Manny Paquiao party now it's RogerMayweather fighting which has changed the whole tone of the event. The crowd was for Roger so that Manny can have his mega fight with him.
Victorino moved from host to a guest at about ten when the nonstop Mexican finest ended and he yelled out, “Grab my credit card and call Mulberry Street for pizza!” and Ron Smith, sitting next to Bauers as the fight ends insisted, “Please, letme order!” I said fine as long as they hold the pepperoni.

Victorino Noval with Pitbull and Edward Bass




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