Charity Event Summer Soirée

Join us in Beverly Hills summer soiree to benefit mothers and children in Uganda, Buy tickets at

charity event

 DONNA SPANGLER'S FLEXIN-4-DOLLARS - A wonderful afternoon event Saturday June 23rd from 12:00pm -3:00pm at the estate of Celebrity Beauty & Fitness Enthusiast, Producer Donna Spangler located in Beverly Hills CA.

You will enjoy food from Celebrity Chef Kurt Ehrlich of Celebrity Gourmet Catering Co, Wine from Lorimar Winery and Vineyards, refreshments, Water from Starfire Water, a goody bag and the opportunity to flex your best muscle pose with stars, you will get your picture with the star and the star will autograph it for you, there will be an incredible silent auction as well as a fashion show.

Here's the best part  will be benefiting from this event, so while you’re having a great time you’re helping to raise money for poor mothers and children in Uganda.

The charity is to create a support system for mothers and children in Uganda to better the quality of their lives through health care.

The cost per person is only $25.00  You can get more information and tickets about coming to the event at

charity event

Jamira's Story

Jamira is a traditional birth attendant (TBA), otherwise known as a
traditional midwife in Uganda. Since 1982, she has been working out of her hut
in order to provide care for mothers giving birth. She has had training for a
midwife certification with a special focus on HIV prevention. She is also
inherently gifted in her practice, using specialized herbal medicine for the
women and babies who are under her care, and therefore has much respect
throughout her community and other neighboring communities. Yet, Jamira does not
have any medical supplies, funding, governmental support, or even beds for her
patients. The conditions she works in are unfathomable by most.

Jamira represents many traditional midwives in Uganda, and hundreds of
thousands more around the world. Even with her extensive knowledge and
understanding of traditional midwifery, she struggles against strong odds: HIV,
Malaria, extremely poor conditions, and little help. She is one of many
courageous women in her day-to-day efforts to help women and infants who may
otherwise succumb to sickness or death during childbirth because they lack
access to family planning, prenatal and postnatal care, and financial

Traditional midwives are the heart of rural communities in Uganda. A majority
of its women have their babies through a traditional midwife. Women in late term
pregnancy travel by foot for miles in order to give birth with a traditional
midwife they trust. At times, a single midwife nurtures the mothers and infants
of an entire community - thus, quite literally being one mother for all:

OneMama ties Uganda's communities together through
sustainable health, family, and financial education in order for its people to
overcome poverty and thrive. By specifically supporting the traditional midwives
at the center of these communities, OneMama empowers women,
raises awareness, and makes positive change. OneMama is the nurturer, the
protector, and the source of life for those in need.

We are all OneMama living on
OneMother Earth.

Day in the Life of a
Traditional Midwife

The majority of local rural woman in Uganda have their babies with local
traditional midwives. These traditional midwives are at the center of the
birthing process in their respective communities. A Ugandan midwife like Jamira
may have anywhere from 1-5 women come to her aid each day. Generally, midwives
ask their clientele to bring either a birth kit or about
$3.00-$5.00 to cover the kit's cost. The majority of clients do not have either
of these for the midwife (the average Ugandan makes only $1.00-$2.00 a day).
Instead, women often come hungry and in need of nourishment in order to have the
energy to give birth properly. Midwives frequently feed clients from their own
food supply, sacrificing personal sustenance. With such little income, many
women have nothing but gratitude to give to their midwives.

Traditional midwives use their own supplies (gloves,
antiseptic cleaners, scissors, traditional herbs, medicine, bandages, testing
equipment) when available. Yet, because many midwives do not receive payment for
long periods of time, supplies are scarce. Midwives must persevere without
supplies for the sake of their clients. To proceed without the necessary
resources can be very precarious for the woman, infant, and midwife.

With no provisions, women and infants are at risk for infection. And,
traditional midwives are susceptible to any disease (such as Malaria or HIV)
their clients may have. Lacking proper testing equipment, these midwives must treat every woman
and infant with extreme caution because so many of Uganda's people are infected
with HIV or Malaria.

Traditional midwives help women and infants overcome great adversity, and in
doing so risk their own lives. Imagine working amidst such danger. Imagine
living without the resources available to many of us today.

Do your part to support these traditional midwives, women, children, infants,
and the men who love them. Support OneMama's mission to bring prosperity and health to people all
over the world by empowering women as caregivers, mothers, businesswomen, and
agents of change for their rural communities.

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