Blue Moon Cook, Collaborate & Listen - A Celebration of Food, Art and Beer

The Container Yard LA’s Arts District was home to the Blue Moon Cook, Collaborate & Listen party on August 19th. This fun event brought Los Angeles together with Blue Mood founder Keith Villa, famous Los Angeles Chef Roy Choi and artists Kozyndan to enjoy plenty of Blue Moon, food from Kogi, music and live art from Kozyndan.

Chef Roy Choi and Blue Moon Founder Keith Villa

Pouring an ice cold Blue Moon

This free event was put together to create an experience with so many great things that everyone loves. Guests were treated to the classic Blue Moon Belgian White, Blue Moon White IPA and the Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata. To go with the great beer, Chef Roy has his famous Kogi truck serving up all of his classics including the short rib tacos. A live DJ was playing all night and guests were able to help with the Kozyndan mural.

Blue Moon Girls

"I don't even remember how I got involved with this, but when good relationships happen you just feel like you've known each other forever," Chef Roy said. "This just happened very organically, all the people that follow the Kogi truck drink Blue Moon."

Guests painting

"Blue Moon created the blue print, it was the beer that opened people's minds that allowed them to move on to these big flavorful beers," Chef Roy said. "We did similar things together in our worlds, kickstarting the craft beer market movement and kickstarting the food truck movement. At the same time being linked with artists and carrying about ingredients, I thought those things were really aligned. If you know anything about me, those are the things that motivate me, there no ulterior motives, it is just great to drink free beer, eat free food, watch art and listen to music, everyone invloved wants to do the same things I want to do, all they want is people to have a good time."

Kogi Truck

Having two iconic figures such as Keith and Chef Roy really set this event as they were more than hosts, they were guests and ineracted with everyone in the amazing environment they helped to create.

"This is what Blue Moon is all about, bringing communities together," Keith said. "We want to make sure when Blue Moon sponsors an event the community is involved and right here we have local artists and you have people coming together celebrate, beer, music, food and art

If you ever wondered about the success of Blue Moon, it clearly comes from Keith's knowledge and beer.

"I have a Phd in brewing, I took it seriously from the start, I went to Belgium got my PhD in brewing as far as I know I am the only one with a PhD in brewing from Belgium," Keith said. "I came back and started Blue Moon Belgium White is the biggest craft beer brand in the United States and when people see that orange garnish they know it is a Blue Moon. I created that orange garnish in 1997 because I wanted people to realized that our beer is brewed from orange peel grown in California."

(Photographs Courtesy Stephan Martin)

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