Behind the Hustle: Careers Inspired by Nike Sportswear

It's not a surprise that investing in the youth would be the greatest investment society can make. With enthused degree-holding young adults embracing the mantra "sky's the limit," stepping out into the "real world" work force proves to be a daunting task. Where exactly do these creative go-getters find refuge during a recession? I mean, living here in the "real world"  feeding your passion doesn't necessarily correlate to paying the bills. Am I right or am I right? With that said, it's refreshing to find Behind the Hustle, a career-development project designed to help young adults find work in unique industries.

With the realization that our mind is so powerful, and passion is something few are blessed with, Behind the Hustle embraces the knowledge that hungry go-getters are looking for substance, inspiration, and clear examples of people who translated their passion into a career path. After all, "if you find a job you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life." Even if that career means you need to make that opportunity exist for yourself, it can be a reality. Previous career panels focused on dance and fashion careers.

On October 20 2012, however, Behind the Hustle's emphasis was careers inspired by Nike Sportswear. Nike Montalban hosted the Behind the Swoosh panel which featured Jacques Slade (blogger for Nice Kicks), Fran Marchello a.k.a. Franalations (Video Blogger/Product Reviewer) and Jason Markk (Entrepreneur). As soon as I stepped in the renowned, Nike Montalban, I was immediately caught off guard with the crowd's vibrant spirit, considering that being surrounded by like-minded individuals is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Prior to the in-depth career panel, music was fragrant in the air thanks to the DJ Angie Vee, and yes, my shoulders may have been rhymtically bouncing from left to right as I enjoyed complimentary refreshments provided by Coffee Bean

What's great about Behind the Hustle is that they understand the importance of the key trait in any successful individual: the willingness to learn. By having panelists who have embarked on non-traditional careers, young adults can take notes and understand what it takes to be successful. Key notes I learned: Research is the foundation of any great business plan. Who are your competitors? What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? During the Q&A session, one attendee asked, "We've heard about your successes, but what are some challanges you faced? I want to hear how it was like when it was raining... What did you do?" I nodded my head in agreement. How can one become so persistent if the rain falls so hard?  Jacques noted, "No's are more valuable to me than Yes's, because at least I can learn from them and become better. You learn then you move on." 

With that being said, don't be afraid to fail. Fail your way to success and learn as you create your own path to greatness. 

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