Beautify Yourself with DNAEGF: A Four Seasons Exclusive

The lush grounds of the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village was the host Friday night, July 29, 2011, to introduce the new line of exceptional skin care products - DNA EGF Renewal - created by top dermatologist  Dr. Ronald Moy.   Resulting from years of research and as a result of Dr. Moy's lifelong commitment to skin care, the new system targets the visible signs of aging by diminishing wrinkles, brown spots and skin discoloration. 


Introducing DNA-EGF

The main ingredient in the Growth Factor Serum, is Barley Epidermal Growth Factor, a lightweight plant based formula from Iceland, geared toward increasing the thickness of the skin since, as we age, the skin becomes more fragile.  Clinically proven to stimulate the skin's natural repair process, it works by accelerating healthy skin cells.  In addition, there is the Foaming Cleanser and DNA Intensive Night Renewal.


The most damage Dr. Moy sees happening to skin these days is an excess of sun and tanning beds without the protection of sunblocks.  Therefore, he created DNA Defense SPF 30+. 


Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village Gardens

DNA renewal kit can be purchased via or at the spa, itself.  For the foreseeable future, the product will not be in stores.   


The Wellness Spa, itself, was voted one of the top spas in America by Conde Nast Traveler.  Blending Eastern traditions with Western sensibility in holistic treatments and therapies, the spa prides itself on being attuned to the individual needs of its clients.  Lavishly appointed suites, designed for couples or groups, offer day beds, whirlpool tubs and private sunbathing areas.   The individual aren't bad either and they all open into the private idyllic gardens and pool. 


Guests also have the opportunity to incorporate a variety of wellness services, available from California Health & Longevity Institute, into their spa visit.  Such options include things like healthy cooking classes, consultations with an exercise physiologist or registered dietitian and complimentary therapies as acupuncture, hypnotherapy and healing touch. 


Billy Yamaguchi of Yamaguchi Salons and writer

Among it's famed resources is the famed Yamaguchi Salon.  Found only in a select few spas, the salon specializes in the Yamaguchi Method of Hair, Make up and Nails.   Having studied Feng Shui for many years, Billy Yamaguchi is the first to use the principles of this age old Chinese tradition to enhance, harmonize and balance a person's energy.   He cuts hair and does nails based on these principals.


Feng Shui associates words and colors with the five basic elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Patricia Sheperd, director of the salons, explained the process to me.  While everyone has all five elements within them, each personality has one distinct one that stands out.  I, for example, am a fire because fires are creative, impulsive, can be messy, Avante guard and leaders. We prefer bright colors.  Earth people are nurturing and soft and like warm browns; whereas metals are very prim and proper (great as accountants) and highly organized and like shades of gray and darker colors.   Waters think before they react whereas woods, like earth, are solid.  To balance a fire, Billy would add a water element and put more texture and control in the style. For an earth personality, he might "free" them up with a bob style; metal, too, would take a classic bob whereas water would want an Ann Taylor flirty style.  (Most models wear water styles.)


Yamaghuci also has it's own organic hair products and has written several books on using the five elements not only to enhance your style but your workplace, as well. 


Yamaguchi Salon: Patricia Sheperd and writer, Serita Stevens

Memberships to the spa include a combination of services and savings.  They do special packages for weddings and brides to be as well as catering to the mother-to be.   (They don't forget the grooms, either.)  Guests, however, must be at least 18 years of age or if younger, accompanied by an adult.)



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