Ayvee Verzonilla - Producer of 'Freight Train'

Ayvee is an artist inspired by music, film, fashion, and food and one of the Producers of the film 'Freight Train' Screening Oct 24th at 8pm at Indie Fest International Film Festival. We had a chance to speak to her on her new upcoming premiere.



Multi Media Artist Ayvee Verzonilla

Q. How does it feel to have finally completed your project 'Freight Train' and now to be representing it at Indie Fest International Film Festival on the opening night,I hear that the theater seats 550 people, that must be very exciting? 

A. I’m very proud of my team and the product we’ve created with Freight Train. The story speaks and we couldn’t have manifested a better cast and crew. Independent projects take a lot of courage and tenacity to complete. I’m definitely looking forward to representing and celebrating our film. 

 Q. Ayvee, you have so many talents, from acting, producing, singing, songwriting, performing, and being an accomplished author with a poetry book. Which one of these mediums do you favor and why? 

A. As a creative person I enjoy integrating art forms. I come from a musical theater background so the idea of singing, dancing, and acting was always encouraged. Right now I’m focused largely on songwriting. Writing has always been an important part of my personal expression. I’m pretty much an introvert, so it gives me the time and space to create in a sacred environment. 


Multi Media Artist Ayvee Verzonilla

Q. What inspired you to work on 'Freight Train'? 

A. I loved the director’s idea for the short and decided to get involved based on the storyline and the people on board. At the time we were all roommates and filmmakers, so it was a natural progression to support Zen’s first independent project. 


Acclaimed Actor Raymond Bagatsing

Q.Raymond Bagatsing is an acclaimed and award winning actor from the Philippines, how was it working with him? 

A. Raymond Bagatsing or “Rama” as I call him was such a professional on set. I really don’t know how he made it through filming for hours in the scorching heat of the desert. He’s very gracious and focused, with beautiful positive energy. He’s the type of actor who channels all of his emotions into a role, and that translates powerfully onscreen. 

Q. What was it like to work with the Director Zen Freese

A. What I appreciate most about  Zen is his strong work ethic and attention to detail. He’s the first one on set and the last to leave. He’s extremely talented and takes his ideas to the next level by developing them clearly in every stage of production. It’s easy to be a good producer working with a director like that.


'Freight Train' filmed in the Desert

Q. What did you like most about shooting in the desert, and what did you find challenging about it? 

A.The desert has gorgeous lighting and terrain, it’s so expansive. There’s a lot of freedom shooting outdoors in a space like that. The downside was the overwhelming heat and lack of readily available supplies. Also, we had somewhat of a scare with a gun-wielding local roaming the area. Just another day on set. 

Q. We are eager to support your next project, what can we be on the lookout for? 

A. I’m currently in the studio writing and recording. Be on the lookout for “Bad Girls All Star Battle” Season 2 on the Oxygen network in November featuring my theme song.

Thank You so much Ayvee for taking the time to speak with us, how can people stay in touch with you? At my website 


Multi Media Artist Ayvee Verzonilla

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