In June of 2008, the Pew Research Center boldly stated that baby boomers were “the gloomiest generation.” While many may argue that point, there’s no denying that concepts like ‘mid-life crisis’ have become hallmarks of adult life, perhaps rightfully so. No matter your age, who hasn’t found themselves examining their fears, their choices, their emotional scars and wondering if life hasn’t passed them by?

Edward Cozza - Nowhere Yet

In his new novel, Nowhere Yet, Edward Cozza explores how one weekend can lead to a lifetime of change between old friends and lost loves. Beginning with an unexpected phone call, emotional hermit Grant is coaxed away to a weekend in Palm Springs with his best friend Rex. Little does he know that awaiting him is the woman he thought he’d marry, a sage friend, and an intuitive new love. Warm and funny, Nowhere Yet is the beginning of a journey to mend old fences and spark new adventures.

Edward Cozza - Nowhere Yet

“There seems to be an age when it occurs to you that you might not be doing what you are supposed to be doing,” says Cozza, “and you seem to worry the best part of your life has passed you by. The best part has not passed you by. You need to be mindful of what is happening as it happens. Do not assume that a particular good thing will come around again and that the good things are not all gone.”

Edward Cozza - Nowhere Yet

Nowhere Yet is the first in a planned trilogy and early online reviews have been glowing. Cozza delivers a tale that is about real life and the happiness that can be achieved if you let it in.

Edward Cozza is a Colorado native currently living in Southern California. While traveling to Russia, South America, Europe and South Africa for work, Cozza began writing as a way to pass the hours in restaurants and airports. He cites Ernest Hemingway, Carl Hiaasen, and Garrison Keillor as some of his many writing influences. The author of several short stories and essays, Cozza is currently at work writing the sequel to Nowhere Yet.


Nowhere Yet is available through Ingram Books at, Barnes &, iBooks, Sony eReader Store, and

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