White Trash Beautiful Fashion Show Review - Richie Sambora's Line Debut

Richie Sambora and Nikki Lund debuted their White Trash Beautiful line during the busy Los Angeles Fashion Week. Not only did they debut the line, Sambora introduced his 12 year old daughter, Ava, to world of fashion.

Locklear and Lund on the red carpet

Held at the Sunset Gowers studios, celebrities Heather Locklear (mother of Ava Sambora), Bridget Marquette, and Casey Semel attended in anticipation to see the new line. Bridget Marquette was hounded by the media trying to make an entrance to the show.

The evening started off with delicious tequila cocktails and bottles of Coke and Diet Coke if guest didn't drink liquor. I couldn't help myself to the tequila cocktails. As the guest mingled over their drinks, I over heard much anticipation for Ava Sambora's introduction on the runway. I couldn't believe a 12 year old girl would be heading down the runway with women twice her age and twice her size. A lucky gal she is having her father as the line's creator.

Ava Sambora strutting her stuff

Sitting front row was mom Locklear with her support group cheering on young Ava as she strutted her stuff on the runway. Locklear splurged in excitement seeing her daughters appearance. Locklear was such a proud mother as she held her iPhone recording Ava's every step.

You can see Ava's support group

As for the line its self, there have been mixed reviews. I actually liked the clothing of mixed animal print patterns and leather attire. The color scheme consisted of metallic dark greys, golds, blacks, oranges, and reds. One model unfortunately had a "wardrobe malfunction."  In the mists of excitement of the catwalk, one of her lady parts popped of her jacket. Maybe Sambora and Lund should have gave their girls blouses to wear underneath. I know I'd never wear my jacket without a top.

Proud Mom

I did however like the flowing garments. Some of the dresses, shirts, and veils looked fabulous flowing down the run way on the models. It looked modern chic with an edge.

The models did look gorgeous. You couldn't help to spot out the little one in the group. Most of the women railed over 5'11 and Ava looked like she barley reached 5'6. Ava stood out with a princess tiara on top of her head. Other women work top hats that made the trend look a little more sophisticated.

Beautiful women in tight ripped leather clothing. That was most of the line's pieces. The leather garment gave the line a more barbaric look rather than rocker. I was a little surprised by that. Some of the outfits made me think of a modern Wilma Flinstone.

Mom and little Ava

Even with all the mix reviews I did enjoy myself at the show. The whole presentation looked exactly like what an A-list show should look like. However, The line was presented accurately for what it was... White Trash Beautiful

Photos by Baur Griffin

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