Turistas Film Review - Official Selection of 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival

Carla ( Aline Küppenheim) thought she was headed to a peaceful, relaxing vacation getaway with husband Joel. She forgot that is has become increasingly less fun spending time with Joel. And once she lets slip that she is no longer “expecting”, she finds herself abandoned in the side of the road, no money, no car, alone.

She hitches a ride with a trucker and another hitcher Ulrich ( Diego Noguera), saying whatever seems agreeable until she can figure out what to do next. She ends up going with Norwegian Ulrich to the planned wildlife reserve, since she has no where else to go. Possibly gay Ulrich and a handful of those campers raise an insightful glass against which she compares her own lfe. Slowly becoming in tune with nature, and those souls who seek to escape their impending responsibilities, maturity and real life


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