Trifecta Lounge in Downtown LA Home to Rock Star Friday's

Since the grand opening of the swanky and oh so cool Trifecta Ultra Lounge and Sports Bar, Downtown Los Angeles has never been the same.  Nestled on the corner of 2nd Street and Hill Street, the lounge has been center stage to some of the hottest red carpet events in town.  As an ultra-exclusive supper club, sports bar, ultra-lounge, and special event space with full-service food and beverage menus, Trifecta is leading the pack in bringing sexiness back to Downtown Los Angeles.

Darran Matthews and friend on the red carpet

Under the leadership of Matthew Gavin & Charles Lew (owners/founders ' Hardball Productions, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlantic City), public relation and promotional companies are beginning to list this venue as a top spot for star-studded events and high-profile clientele. 

That's exactly why Darran Matthews, owner of ADM Production, chose Trifecta to host his Friday night extravaganza Rock Star.  Before the launch of the first night, which was co-hosted by New Orleans Saint Running Back Reggie Bush, I had the opportunity to speak with Matthews about his plans for Rock Star Fridays and his take on the latest and greatest venue.

Q.  What was the premise behind the creation of Rock Star Fridays at Trifecta?
A.   My Partner Don Hale of Savant Entertainment and I wanted to be ahead of the trend, providing a sports bar meets Hollywood vibe.  We knew  that the build up of Downtown would eventually cause an explosion of popularity in the area so why not be at the forefront of the  explosion.

Q. What do you anticipate for Rock Star?
A.  We want to keep it sexy, classy and of course star-studded.  We want people to come out and have a good time.  Rock Star will be the must  attend Friday night venue.

Q.  What is the criterion for gaining access to the venue?
A.   There is a dress code for the fellas meaning that there will be know sports attire' upscale casual.  The ladies just have to look lovely.   This will be a guest list only venue with no cover charge.  You must be on the guest list to gain entry.

Matthews and his partner are on the right track because the grand opening did not disappoint.  Celebrities proudly made their way out to the venue.  There were a ton of athletes from the world of baseball, football and basketball. 

And of course where ever the athletes go, the groupies are sure to follow. Scantily clad, media hungry women were everywhere...and I mean everywhere.  Winding my way through the mayhem of players and those that wanted to get played, I was able to spot out some celebrities that I admired to get their opinion on the Trifecta, partying like a Rock Star, and what they had planned for the future. 

Milauna Jemai (far left) poses with Chrystee Pharris. Tony Jimmerson and friend Clif Cooper

Actress Chrystee Pharris, who once starred in the NBC soap drama Passions, was out with her friend and fellow actress Milauna Jemai.  Pharris who said that Rock Star is a place that she will definitely come back to can be seen in an upcoming play called George Washington Boy written by Ted Lance

Additionally, Pharris is working on writing a one-woman show about her life and will soon be seen in a reality show for a major network.  Fellow partygoer Milauna Jimai will soon be seen in a period piece film that will be out in 2008.  She will play the wife of fellow actor and co-star Anthony Macky.  The film will also star Wendell Pierce from The Wire.

Damien Dante Waynes (l) and Boxer Ian Mauleom (r)

Sauntering through the door came a host of other celebs including Damien Dante Waynes, George O Gore II (My Wife and Kids), Jennifer Freeman (My Wife and Kids), Leilene (Flavor of Love), Ray Cunningham (College Hill Season 3) and Nadia Dawn (who will be starring in the upcoming film Prodigy).

From l to r: Leilene (Charm School and Flavor of Love), Weeds co-star, Manager, Ray Cunningham (Season 3 of College Hill) and Nadia Dawn

Once mingling inside, I ran into Carl Lewis who stated that he wanted to have a night out in Downtown Los Angeles.  Currently living on the Westside, Lewis said that he is thinking about getting a place in the Downtown area and venues like Trifecta are a part of the encouraging factor to making a move.  In between managing athletes, Lewis has been working on an upcoming movie called Pick Up Truck. Next, I ran into an old friend Carl Kemp, partner with Englander and Associates who came out with family members Matt Kemp, Outfielder for the Dodgers, and Delano Kemp.

George O Gore II (My Wife and Kids) (l). Carl Kemp, Matt Kemp and Delano Kemp

Just when I was going to head up the ramp that passed the slick bar area I spotted Sabrina Sloan of this seasons American Idol.  Although prematurely voted off of this season singing contest sensation, Sloan was in good spirits and looking great!  Out with her manager Mona Loring and husband who is a USC law grad, Sloan stated that she is working out a deal with a major label and has been writing and performing locally.

"I would love to venture back into acting," says Sloan over the chatter of the club.  And I'm sure she will because Sloan started her career in theater in New York.  When asked about attending Rock Star at Trifecta, Sloan states 'There's not a lot of hot spots Downtown' I'm excited about the revival of downtown.  I love the venue and would definitely be back.'

Jennifer Freeman (l center) and friends. Sabrina Sloan and husband

As the night grew closer to the wee hours of the morning, the swanky and contemporary style lounge began to become over crowded with whose who and whose not.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time as they began to consume the small dance floor that sat at the back of the club.  Just like many other's, I will be sure to come back to visit Rock Star Friday's, additionally, I will be back to dine and lounge at Trifecta. I hear that the food fare is delicious and I can't wait to taste the cuisine!

Mingling at the bar

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**A special thanks goes out to Tracie May of Fabulous Pr!

Additional Photos from the night!

It starts to get crowded in the lounge

George O Gore II and Damien Dante Waynes (far left). Leilene (r)

Survivor winner Earl Cole (l) and Actor Cass Asher with friend and writer Karan Austin (r)

Takeisha Rayson and Leilene

Shirley Duclos and Vivian Harris

Tracie May of Fabulous PR and Takeisha Rayson rock the red carpet (l) and Tony Jimmerson and guest (r)

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