Roger Neal's Style Hollywood Golden Globe Ultimate Beauty Suite - A Day of Star Studded Bliss in Beverly Hills

68th Annual Golden Globe Awards Nominee Jennifer Love Hewitt

As a new editor, fresh on the ‘lifestyle and entertainment magazine’ scene, I had a limited idea of what to expect from my first ever beauty suite at the wonderfully swanky L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills. But what a perfect first time it turned out to be. Roger Neal’s Style Hollywood (RNSH) Golden Globe Ultimate Beauty Suite was chock full of hospitable hosts, succulent sweets, and the ultimate pampering treats performed right there in the suite. 

Enjoying Arlena and Her Beautiful Gourmet Cookies

I was greeted with chocolate dipped fruits and miniature black velvet cupcakes from Famous Cupcakes and Arlana’s tasty Gourmet Cookies – all of which I was happy to sample and mothered into taking a few home. It’s no wonder the stars are always on such special ‘awards’ diets. There’s just no way to say no to these delectable desserts!

The Famous Cupcakes and Shabnam Sweets Greeting Party

Wardell's Gourmet BBQ Sauce Spans 3 Generations of Talented Chefs

Once completely emerged into the suite itself, I was able to map way around the full house and find my way to the area featuring the suite’s chosen charity for the event, OneMama. This inspiring organization was created from the notion that ‘we are all OneMama living on OneMother Earth’ and it focuses on the idea that we are called upon to help each other and heal our planet in whatever capacity we are capable of. OneMama has chosen to focus mainly on the prenatal and maternal needs particularly existing among the impoverished women of the world, starting in Uganda. I was able to speak to OneMama founder, Siobhan Neilland, at length and was inspired and impressed by her energy for this charitable venture. The RNSH Beauty Suite pledged to donate $15,000 towards the organization. For more information about OneMama check out the OneMama site.

OneMama Founder and Shaboom Creator Siobhan Neilland

Aside from the charity, the other featured booth for the event was by world renowned skincare experts, G.M. Collins Skincare, who offered several complimentary treatments to insure stars had their best faces forward to walk that red carpet. Specialists from G.M. Collins recommended and delivered top of the line facials behind their magic curtains all day long as guests peeped in and out for their most coveted pampering of the day. Thankfully, we were also gifted several fabulous face products from G.M. Collins to keep the magic alive even after the curtains closed. 

Featured Celebrity Skincare Treatments were offered in the Suite by G.M. Collins Skincare

As an added bonus, next door to the facial corner, Long mi Lashes and Shaboom Cosmetics were waiting to offer RNSH guests complimentary eyelash extensions and Naked Lady make-up application demonstrations. So whatever bare-faced fears you may have had initially were assuaged immediately by top-rated beauty gurus who had no intention of forcing you to face the daylight au naturel. All you had to do was pretend you’d never fancied a concern about the dozen or so zoom lenses looming nearby and relax while they purred on about your new skin. And, of course, you had to decide between a beverage from Lady Snow Tea, Bling H2O, or a specialty cocktail by Dolce Touch Vodka. You really couldn’t have gone wrong, so I– being a fair minded citizen- sampled all three. 

Lady Snow Tea's Presenting Her 1,000 Year Old Chinese Tea Recipe

Dolce Touch Vodka's Specialty Cocktail Menu for RNSH's Complimentary Bar

Also featured at the cocktail bar was Ventura Limoncello, a local, family-run company that piqued my interest and sparked my tastebuds. I highly recommend picking up a bottle to anyone with a zest for handcrafted liqueurs. Click here for their site and support our local limoncello makers!

R&B Singer/Songwriter/Music Producer Patrick "Sleepy" Brown

I know at a Golden Globes Beauty Suite, you might expect to run into a star or two but Roger Neal happens to have a few connections in this Tinseltown so the RNSH Golden Globe Ultimate Beauty Suite boasted attendance from he turned out nearly one hundred stars and starlets over the course of the three day event. I shared this lovely pampering experience with a few names you might recognize, such as Golden Globes nominee Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Jenna Jameson, Tom Green, Cheryl Hines, Paula Abdul, LMFAO, AnnaLynne McCord, Sleepy Brown, Adam Lambert, and Jamie Kennedy. It was a beautifying event with an incredible turnout; hats off to Roger and Lynn Neal and their Ultimate Team.

American Idol Season 8 Runner-Up/Grammy Nominated Artist Adam Lambert with Our Host Roger Neal

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