The Order of Saint Constanstine - To Be A Knight

Yes, Sir Lancelot and Sir Gallahad, knights do exist both then and now.  Knights are no longer expected to maintain battle trained horses and three serviceable lances.  Many of the original Chivalric Orders arose in response to the Crusades, other originated due to the need for valiant Knights to serve and protect their Sovereign Lords, the weak and the less fortunate.

Today, however, they fight by giving charity and helping one person at a time.  The night of October 23, 2010, several were knighted and damed with the honors bringing them into one of the oldest orders.  

Founded in 312 AD , the Orders of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen, are devoted to the Chivalric Principals of Personal Honor, Courage, Integrity, Duty, Charity, and Service.   The orders are part of a worldwide community recognizing worthy men and women of exception accomplishment. They are invited to the order regardless of race, religion or nationality.  The same prestigious ceremony used 300 years after Christ, continues today as His Grace, Michael Schmickrath, The Duke of Gardham, knights those providing models of leadership and strength of spirit, showing they are worthy to join the order.  

Order of St. Constatine - His Grace Michael Schnickrath, Duke of Gardham, Grand Prior General

These Chivalric Orders, many of whom rose up during the Crusades, were a call to duty for the valiant knights coming to serve their Sovereign Lords.  Many of these orders continued well after their original purpose (the crusades) ended.  The modern Knight and Lady evolve their lives into dedicated acts of charity, educating the public, helping the poor and healing the sick.  They exist to reward those who have done things for others.  

The splendid ceremony was reminiscent of historical knightings that have occurred through out the centuries. 

Order of St. Constantine- Knightning of Sir Shepard Clark

This night, Sir Shepard Clark, an Olympic skater, jeweler and founder of a children’s charity (SHOW – Shepard Hope Organization Worldwide) was knighted along with Sir Robert Jacob, Commander Sergeant Major, (the highest ranking enlisted man) who deals with Mental Health California Guard, helping those soldiers with PTSD.  Along with them were Dames – Lady Annastasia Mason (Comos International – giving hopes to women world wide), Lady Szylvia Toth (Hungarian singer and active in the rape crisis center), Lady Patricia Murphy (Oregon fashion designer); Lady Adrienne Papp (Altantic United Films) and Lady LeeAnn Quiroz. 

Order of St. Helen - new Dames - Lady Adrienne Papp, Lady Annastasia Mason, Lady Patricia Murphy and Lady Szylvia Toth

Starting as a page, 11 year old Giovanni Cueva was promoted to Squire, while both Sir Galo Pesantes and Sir Mauricio Archa became Knight Commanders.  Vietnamese nurse Lady Tiennga Cao received the order of Dame Commander.  

Order of St. Constatine - Squire Giovanni Cueva and Sir Paul Cueva

Each member has his or hers own special charity that they work with.  For example, Lady Grace Collins, works for the independence of the small Indian oil rich state Nagalim, which she states has been beset by enemies on all sides has more problems than Dafur.  

Seven orders still exist but many demand more financial involvement of their members. This order prides itself that 90% of all the monies it takes in goes to help others.  How do they find their charities?  Most are families who have slipped through the cracks of the system.  

Order of St. Constatine - Knighting Sir Clark and Sir Robert Jacob

A 501c3, the order exists in 13 countries with over 87 knights here in the US.  What does it take to be a knight?  Well, the willingness to help others is a big start.  People come into the organization by recommendation and are induced to pay a very modest fee covering their credentials but the requirements are very strict.  Young people who are high achievers in their schools are wonderful candidates for this honor and many, as those ROTC cadets from John F. Kennedy High School (led by Sir Marc Breslow) showed, are happy to be part of the group.  

For more information about the order or becoming a member, go to

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