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The Nutcracker 3-D: A Holiday Classic Re-Mastered

By Janet Walker

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The Nutcracker 3-D, Andrei Konchalovsky’s, timeless holiday classic, recently previewed at The Charles Aidikoff screening room on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California.

The enchanted world of The Nutcracker re-mastered in stunning 3-D.

The film opens on Christmas Eve, 1920 in Vienna where a young Mary, played by Elle Fanning, and her brother, Max, portrayed by Aaron Michael Drozin, are faced with a Christmas Eve alone with kindly Uncle Albert, delightfully played by Nathan Lane.  With the parents out, of course, all rules are out also and the children become engaged in a captivating Christmas Eve story complete with a told by Uncle Albert of an enchanted fairy-tale land. The story is punctuated by the delivery of a wooden solider along with a dollhouse of friends. The Nutcracker who actually does crack open the shells of walnuts, hence the name.

Scenes from the Nutcracker 3-D with Charles Rowe in the dual role of The Nutcracker and The Young Prince.

As the two, Mary and Max, are put off to dream of sugarplum fairies dancing in their heads, the young Mary wakes and finds The Nutcracker has come to life and is in need of assistance as he explains his kingdom has been overtaken by The Rat King, embodied by John Turturro, and the evil Rats are destroying the children’s toys. With that he and his new found friend Mary are off on a magical journey.

Yulia Visotskaya as the enchanting Snow Fairy.

The enchanted adventure begins as the pair are whisked off in a magical sleigh to hold court with The Snow Fairy, beautifully brought to life by Yulia Visotskaya. As Mary marvels in her new freedom The Nutcracker is deeply concerned over his kingdom and the wicked spell that Eva Frau/The Rat Queen, played by Frances de la Tour, cast that left him wooden and useless.

John Tuturro as The Rat King with Aaron Michael Drozin as Max in The Nutcracker 3-D.

As love conquers evil the wicked spell is broken and The Nutcracker is transformed into a young prince played by Charles Rowe and the story of the evil uprising that darkened the sky is told and the two set out to deliver the world from the evil regime of The Rat King

Elle Fanning as young Mary in The Nutcracker 3-D.

The adventure turns the film from light hearted to dark very quickly with repeated analogies of the incremental horrors of the SS Regime. The yuletide season seems distant as this film resonates of destruction, violence and hate as The Nutcracker 3-D is set in the gruesome wake of the 1930’s Nazi Invasion of Europe.

The Nutcracker 3-D opens November 24, 2010.

Nathan Lane, as kindly Uncle Albert a study of child psychologist Sigmund Freud, is always enjoyable and provides some light moments to an otherwise dark film.

Nathan Lane, delightful as Uncle Albert.

John Turturo as The Rat King delivers a solid performance and the 3-D animation adds depth to the characters over the top displays of rodent features. He does embody an evil dictator and as his character is an analogy of Hitler one can see truisms throughout the film.

The Nutcracker's friends come to his rescue.

Elle Fanning also deliver a solid performance as Mary, the imaginative adolescent child, who saves the fairy tale world by believing in possibility, in herself and most important believing in the saving, transcending power of love.

Elle Fanning as Mary and Aaron Michael Drozin as Max in Andrei Konchalovsky's The Nutcracker 3-D.

The special effects and 3-D effects enhance the experience of an evil regime. The creature designs are vivid with transformation from human to rodent. The analogies of Hitler’s Germany are prevalent throughout the film and the final moments are reminiscent of the Allied Liberation of Europe.

The Nutcracker in 3-D.

The Nutcracker 3-D is set to open domestically November 24, 2010.

All images courtesy of Google Images.

For more information on The Nutcracker in 3-D: www.thenutcrackerin3d.com


Published on Dec 31, 1969

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