The High Force (Stóra Planið) Film Review - An Official Selection of the 2008 AFI Fest


David (Petur Johann Sigfusson) is… well, a loser. He has no real friends, a girlfriend who has just dumped him and a mother who treats him with virtually no respect at all. A writer of poetry by night and avid viewer since childhood of the motivational kung-Fu instructional video tape series “The Higher Force”, David has only managed to elevate himself to the level of the lowest man on the totem pole of a small ring of petty crooks.

Having been tossed out by his girl, his aunt Jenny help him get an new apartment in a building owned by Harald Haraldssen (Eggert Þorleifsson). An elementary school teacher, Harald enjoys David’s visits and panders elaborately to flights of fancy once David reveals what he does for a living. So well in fact, that for a while, David begins to believe that he is indeed a crime lord with many business and properties.

David continues to visit the old man because he believes that Harald id the one who ran down his childhood friend. In a fit of ambition, David repeats what the old man has told him, perhaps trying to gain an advantage at work with the other thugs. And miraculously, enough of the piece fit that David’s Boss thinks David has stumbled upon a famous drug lord who is supposed to be in prison in Mexico.

Fairly soon after, David comes to realize that Harald is neither the evil driver, nor the crime world kingpin. While he can just leave the former issue alone, he has gotten himself to deep at work to just back out of the latter. As competition for this local crime ring intensifies, David is asked to take on more responsibilities in the organization; starting with spying and getting information for this Harald of Mexico.

However, in a comical and quirky turn of events, he does manage to underway the personae needed to back up the web of lies he has weaved. But how long can he maintain it before his superiors require real, concrete results.

This film is not fall out of your chair funny. However, it does not visit the usual paths that comedies take. The humor is ironic and witty while still being innocent and playful. It’s hard to predict where this comedy will land and for that reason alone, you should check out it.

The Higher Force (Stóra Planið) is an Official Selection of the 2008 AFI Fest happening October 30, 2008 through November 9, 2008.

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