The Green Lounge Eco-Luxury Suite - An Eco-Luxurious Experience

The Green Lounge Eco-Luxury Suite held at Loews Hotel in Santa Monica Sunday night was a chance not only to experience some great ideas to make your life a little more green while also taking in some great speakers, including Alicia Silverstone.

Alicia Silverstone giving a speech

The Green Lounge Eco-Luxury Suite was put on by Nicole Sherwin Green Events and "My vision and the goal of Green Lounge is to create a platform for the thought leaders of the world in the areas of environmentalism, wellness and philanthropy to share ideas and create proactive change in an eco-luxury setting," Sherwin stated. Sherwin did a fabulous job acting as host for the evening and running the question and answer portion of the evening with the speakers.

Nicole Sherwin

Sherwin put together a great group of speakers, including Debbie Levin, President of the Environmental Media Association, Jason Nelson, self-empowerment coach, Christine Devine, FOX 11 new anchor, Darren Moore of Alter Eco and Silverstone.

Silverstone gave an amazing speech detailing how she changed her eating habits and the impact that it had on her life. She also touched on macrobiotics, the medical benefits that a more organic lifestyle can have on your body as well as talking about what type of affect that the production of meat has on the environment. Silverstone stated that each pound of beef that is produced in the United States equates to six months of shower water and to produce all the meat that is consumed in this country uses between 20 and 28 billion gallons of gas.

Alicia Silverstone

"We have to realize what is best for our bodies, what is best for animals and what is best for the planet are all the same things," Silverstone said.

Ashley Rickards from "One Tree Hill"

Guests at the Green Lounge were treated to some tasty fish tacos that were prepared by the Loews kitchen staff and to finish off the night we were able to sample some of Alicia Silverstone's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. This was her own version of the dessert with all of the taste of the original while providing you with a much healthier version.

Actor Sebastian Siegel

The night also included the opportunity to visit green partners that included designers for your home, clothing, jewelry and also gave everyone the chance to sample some great new food items.

For more information on Nicole Sherwin Green Events, visit:

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Nicobella Organic Chocolate Truffles

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Mike and Hadi Farid of bgreen apparel

Partners in this venture include: Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel,, Whole Foods, Episencial, Terra Plana, LA Car Guy, Linda Loudermilk, B Green Apparel, Vodka 360, Frey Organic Wines, Hastens on Beverly, Zvezda Boutique, Kalia Eco Luxury Living, Viesso, Celebrity Society Magazine, Coco Eco Magazine, Indulge Magazine, Big Red Sun, Green Earth Print & Design, Ecovations and Ecopep.

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