Tha ALMA Awards VIP Post Reception

The LPN (Latino Professional Network) and Trevino Enterprises hosted an exclusive VIP post reception following the 2008 ALMA Awards.
This year, the NCLR ALMA Awards “Celebrating Latinos in Arts & Entertainment,” hosted by Eva Longoria, took place at the beautiful Pasadena Auditorium and included an array of artists and actors from around the globe.

Jorge Garcia

Paula Graces

For those who aren’t familiar with NCLR, (The National Council of La Raza) it's the largest national Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the U.S.
The VIP post reception concluded the award ceremony Sunday night at one of Pasadena’s hot spots—Villa Sorriso Ristorante.  The night started off with a few nominees that attended the award ceremony, like Jorge Garcia ( Lost) and Paula Garces ( The Shield), and guest who attended the ceremony as well— Brian McKnight (Grammy nominated singer and song writer), Efren Ramirez ( Napoleon Dynamite), Q’orianka Kilcherand ( The New World), and Alejandro Menchaca the President of LPN and host of the evening’s reception.
The evening slipped into a wonderful night of music, dancing, and celebration—everyone seemed to be enjoying the company of friends and new faces. The downstairs crowd sure had a blast with the live band that played the night away with Latin music you just couldn’t resist to dance to!

Brian McKnight

Q’orianka Kilcherand

In 1995, the NCLR created the ALMA Awards as part of its strategic move to promote fair, accurate, and balanced portrayals of Latinos in the entertainment industry. The shows title “ ALMA” was derived from the Spanish meaning of “spirit” or “soul” to illustrate the effort and the determined spirit to succeed for the Latino people.
For nearly 40 years, NCLR has been promoting the advancement of Latino families in this country, creating opportunities and opening doors. The NCLR ALMA Awards are an integral part of that mission: “a television entertainment special with a cause - to show how diversity strengthens our country and how inclusion strengthens the entertainment industry.”
I had a wonderful time throughout the whole event, and seeing the smiles and hearing the laughs of the guest who joined the celebration of night I’d say they had a wonderful time too! The reception was a hit and the hosts of the night put on a fabulous evening for all to enjoy.

The band played all night!

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