Second Annual Bradford Stewart Art Event - An Intimate Gathering

A line gathers outside painter Bradford Stewart’s gallery as a large canvas extends from behind the entrance, beckoning guests with promises of artistic expression and a good time. Once inside, the many guests mingle to music, observing the culmination of the contemporary artist’s year-long preparation for the show.

The lime-green building stands out on the street

Bradford Stewart has been making a name for himself in the contemporary art world for 15 years, five of which have been spent in Los Angeles. Before painting, Stewart studied and composed music. Although Stewart has switched his medium, he still draws inspiration from jazz and avant-garde classical music from the likes of Miles Davis and saxophonist Michael Becker.  

The largest pieces framed the entrance interior

Notable aspects of Stewart’s work are the innumerable layers that constitute each piece. Utilizing his own innovative techniques, Stewart employs resins, spray paint, and even fabrics, applying such materials with instruments found in his studio, including mops and wooden sticks. This layering creates a deep and compelling complexity that is juxtaposed with Stewart’s harmonious choice of colors and strokes. Thus each painting stays shy of overwhelming and even soothes the viewer.

A dimly lit series displayed inside

Having expected a larger attendance than last year’s, Stewart moved the venue from his studio to his gallery, including an outdoor patio enclosed by lime-green walls and exposed brick backgrounds. Wrought iron dividers decorated with votives directed art gazers toward each section of work. 

Onlookers praised Stewart's work

This year the Bradford Stewart Art Event was a charitable one, with proceeds benefiting Project PLAY!, an organization supporting youth programs in sports, music, and the arts, and The Goldie Hawn Institute dedicated to enriching children’s education through mindfulness training.  

Guests enjoying themselves

Other companies sponsored the event, including SPACE Magazine, Yellow Tail Wine, and the A&G Montana clothing line. Ben Ford (actor Harrison Ford’s son), owner of Ford’s Filling Station, a Culver City hotspot and a favorite hang out of Stewart’s, catered the party.

PR director, Erin Beverly (left), with guest

The new expansive space successfully exhibited Stewart’s art. “There’s a real continuity in his work presented inside,” explains Erin Beverly, Stewart’s longtime friend and public relations coordinator of Erin J. Beverly Design. “And then you begin the outside work with the more linear pieces and work your way around to the largest works.”

A series of paintings displayed inside

Both the artistic significance and stunning visual appeal of Stewart’s work has led to many commissions by renowned architects, interior designers and art consultants including Sally Sirkin Lewis, David Sutherland, and Holly Hunt, for projects that have included high end residences, the trendy Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas, and the Oakland Ballet.

The artist, Bradford Stewart (left), with a friend

A celebrity in his own right, Stewart stands unassuming in jeans and a black button-down shirt. He casually observes as his friends and patrons praise his work, walking a few around the party to explain his paintings. When asked what a painting means he calmly replies, “You tell me,” and smiles. 

Different-colored backgrounds created various scenarios for the artwork

This is where Stewart really enjoys himself, watching the reactions of the viewers. He doesn’t consider a piece truly finished until it has been viewed, and the patio gallery setting helped. “You can get a feeling for what the pieces would look like in a person’s home, with all the different backgrounds,” Stewart concluded. What a productive night this was, then, as nearly 50 pieces were on display. 

A green brick wall offset metallic paints

Stewart’s work can be viewed by appointment.  He has a studio in the increasingly chic Culver City art district at 5872 Smiley Drive, Culver City, and a gallery a few blocks away located at 2680 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles.  Please call 310.287.0061. You can also view some of his work and find more information online at

Candlelight created a delightful ambiance

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