Scribble Press Review - More Than Books, Scribble Press Wants You To Have Fun

Is it possible that you can open the doors of a  business and sell joy? At Scribble Press, the answer is right in front of you…and it’s a colorfully scribbled YES. Just sit at the tabletop with a basket of colored markers and start scribbling, give them what you’ve done and in no time you have published your own book of your scribbles! Of course, this place is geared for kids but the owners also encourage the kid to come out in anyone or any party who comes through the doors of Scribble Press.

Scribble Press is located in the Westside Pavilion at Pico and Westwood.

When you first walk in, you might say to yourself, “What kind of store is this?” “What are they selling?” “It must be expensive.” No matter what your questions are, one of the friendly staff (who obviously love what they do) will answer them for you. And here were the answers I would give if I worked there: This is the kind of store that they meant when they said “think outside the box.” They sell joy and you get to leave the store with the proof of the fun you had bound into a book. Most of their books are hard bound with hard pages in minutes (the quality of the pages and the binding is indistinguishable from those childrens’ books you find in those chain stores with the chain coffee store in them) and the standard book they sell is just $28. (For a lifetime keepsake? Are you joking?)

Scribble Press offer a number of types of books which are created by patrons and published in minutes.

They have much more to offer than your standard book. When my wife and I arrived, we have an eleven-month-old with us who doesn’t color yet, so we padded her hands individually in washable ink, got imprints on paper, they took her picture and turned it into a nifty notepad with her picture flanked by her handprints—how cute! They also sell oversized books as well as some of their coloring supplies including a rainbow of colored pencils and markers.

With too many colors to count on your fingers and toes, Scribble Press is waiting for your kids to come out and play.

So how does it work? You pick a book to color but you also get to use their storyline method which involves filling in blanks to personalize each story. With titles like Great Friends, If I Were a Princess, All About My Dad and My Pirate Book you get the idea that there are lots of stories to choose from and lots of ways to make the story your own.

Lilia Buckingham, 5, enjoys creating her book "If I Were a Princess" at Scribble Press in Los Angeles.

They also have some stories that address child development (with an advisory panel of seven childhood development professionals) with titles such as Being a Good Sport, I Can Sleep in My Own Bed and My _____ Passed Away.

Scribble Press features some of their authors on their display in the middle of the store. It could be your book they feature!

Founders Darcy Pollack and Anna Barber met on a plane and after discussing how much they love to make and share books with their small children, they decided to launch this business. It’s obvious that this is their joy and their customers are the beneficiaries. When my wife and I, after waiting only a few minutes, received our notebook with our daughter’s face and handprints on it, there was just one word for us: Joy!

Jane and Lilia Buckingham get some quality time in at Scribble Press.

You can find Scribble Press in the Westside Pavilion Mall on Pico at Westwood. They are on the second floor near Macy’s. For more information on what they do, go to

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