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RunWay Magazine's "Fashion Kick Off" Review - Featured Designer Tutto Italy

By Tharry Toeun

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On Friday, September 6 as part of the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards weekend celebration, RunWay Magazine--a local Los Angeles publication that strives to embrace the new perspective of the fashion, arts, and entertainment industry--hosted a premier fashion show to kickoff the VMA's.

Mint green; peak lapel with ticket pocket; 3-button; super 150 wool; Italian-made fabric

Upon my arrival to the venue for RunWay's featured fashion brand Tutto Italy for the VMA's Fashion Kick-Off, I was completely taken aback when I learned that the collection is composed merely of menswear suits. Because I am not familiar with the line, I was in for quite a surprise that night.

The opening itself was quite interesting. Red carpet, press, guest performance, even some minor celebrities. It was actually a good turnout of audience and spectators given that it was a night full of events all over Hollywood. Taking place at the newest restaurant lounge in Los Angeles, Life on Wilshire, the fashion event showcased some great pieces for what to wear for the upcoming awards ceremonies for men.

There is certainly something special about a man in a suit. The way a man wears his suit is like fashion's language of saying, "I'm the boss" or "I'm the man" or "Pay attention to me." There's a mystery of a presence of a suit that exudes inevitable, hierarchy and power. Maybe because the first suit dates back centuries ago, even before our founding forefathers. Though style and trend has changed dramatically throughout the years, the suit remains timeless and iconic.

Dark-brown; side vent; center vent at the back; super 150

Men appear more confident in a suit. Just as a woman in her high heels changes her mood, her attitude, and her posture. Giving her the boost to walk, talk, and act more confidently.

Women can't help but look up when we see a man in sharp, tailored suit. He exudes confidence--our eyes tracing up and down his two-tone, chic ensemble while we lean over to whisper to our girlfriend next to us, 'Wow...something about a man in a suit..."

Italian-blue; also available in white; peak lapel with ticket pocket; 3-button; super 150 wool; Italian-made fabric

Tutto Italy
provides Italian high fashion for men at a price that won't burn your pocketbooks. Whatever the occasion may be, you will find great-quality suits for any special event. Whether you are a young professional, a college undergrad, a father, an artist. Whether you're going to work, going to church, going to an interview, attending a wedding, a funeral, or the VMA's, a nice suit suits it all.

From the simple monochromatic navy blue, to a dark black slick suit to a charco-brown slim to even a casual gray pinstripe, Tutto Italy has it all. Past the array of earthy-hue suits, the eye-popping colors of the ties, and the shiny, elegant shoes, every piece plays a critical part in the entire outfit. Because all of Tutto Italy's garments are meticulously hand-selected and exclusively made in Italy, we believe that each and every piece is made from the utmost craftsmanship of Italy and ready for any red carpet (or non-red carpet) event.

Super 120 wool; Italian-made fabric; 4-button; light-yellow

I quickly grew appreciation and affection for this event and this featured collection. At a time when fashion seems to be moving and changing faster than hemlines and Hollywood marriages, it's comforting to know that Tutto Italy continues to stay true to the character of the classic suit: simple, sharp, crisp, clean lines, and tailored to perfection from head to toe. So boys, when walking into a room wearing a Tutto Italy's original, I'm sure at least one gal will look up from her dessert menu to admire you. Until then, you can check out more of Tutto Italy's design by visiting www.tuttoitaly.com.

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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