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Screenwriters world wide are eagerly awaiting the Ink Tip Pitch Summit being held at the Universal Studios Hilton on Sept 25-26th.  With nearly 200 studios and major production companies represented, Ink Tip has one goal in mind – getting scripts sold and writers hired and repped.  

There are and have been many pitch festivals.  Many allow participants accesses to only a few of the available attendees and sometimes you’re pitching to people like the janitor of Sony or other lower totems who have no decision making power!!.  

Ink Tip says that “ours is about quantity and quality.  We don’t just do this as a one time thing.  Our full time job is dedicated to helping writers achieve success.  Each writer will have the chance to speak with around 35 companies.  It doesn’t matter how good your script is if no one reads it.  The more people that read a script, the more chance that it will be picked up.  All of these companies have already proven their worth to the Ink Tip people by accepting – and finding – writers on the web site.  

Both production companies and representation will be  available.  Executives from places as Lionsgate, Creative Convergence, Popart Film Factory, Runaway Productions, Sogno Productions and Tower 17 Productions are just a few.  

Instrumental in having 20 movies made last year and hundreds of other writers having their material optioned, sold or represented, Ink Tip is in it for the long haul.  The company also provides personal follow up for their writers proving that it is possible to break into Hollywood without an agent or manager by your side.  

Included with the price of admission are lectures by well known screenwriting teachers as Pilar Alessandra.  Movie Magic Screenwriter, the only script software to win an Academy Award, will also be giving away complimentary copies of their newest software.  

Ink Tip’s owner/founder Jerrol LeBaron is expecting at least five feature films to be produced and a slew of options, hires and reps as a result of this one event. 

Ink Tip Founder Jerrol LeBaron

A great logline and short summary, your sales tools,  are necessary for your story.  If they’re not exceptional, your queries will languish unread no matter how good it is.  Designing a great pitch takes time and perseverance.  You should also know your story inside and out in case further questions are asked – but don’t volunteer unless asked and don’t give a beat by beat account, either.  Understand your characters and their back stories, is also important.   Most important, have a finished, polished script.  

Hints for those pitching at the event are – provide conflict in your pitch and a sense of the action of the storyline; suggest character or give a feel of the unusual context.  Even suggesting A list actors who might play the part can be helpful in a pitch. The pitch should engage the creative process of the person listening so use plenty of action worlds.  Remember however, the story is the first base.  Unless you’re already an A list writer, you shouldn’t expect a company to fund you based on a pitch alone.  The script,  itself, must sing. You are throwing away a great chance if you try pitching something that is not yet written.  For this reason, most screenwriters have their scripts done BEFORE they start pitching.  Remember the three “C” – conflict, character and context.  

Register now for the event by going to www.inktip.com   September 10th, 2010 is the deadline for discounted advance registration.  

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