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The "Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge" Premier was held at the beautiful Orpheum Theater on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles. The newly renovated Theater is an LA landmark which seats 2,000 people and was originally built in 1926. Named after the Greek God of music and poetry, Orpheus sailed on the ship Argos and saved his shipmates from certain death at the hands of the mythical Sirens. It seemed fitting for the Pirates II screening to be held here. There were adult stars aplenty and excitement was in the air as the films stars all arrived for photographs and interviews. There was also a Premier pre-party in the Lounge priming everyone with free-flowing cocktails, popcorn and assorted pirates.

“Pirates II: Scagnetti's Revenge” boasts the biggest budget ever for an adult film with over 600 special effects shots which is unheard of for most mainstream films. Digital Playground really went overboard on this one (in a good way) to make it the most expensive and groundbreaking erotic film in the history of filmmaking. “Pirates II: Scagnetti’s Revenge” is the follow up to the incredibly successful 2005 blockbuster “Pirates” which won an amazing 11 AVN Awards at last years award show and three more awards over the next two years. Although there won’t be any Oscars for this one, the film is incredibly high concept, is shot beautifully and really hits the mark, thanks to its skillful director.

Pirates II is directed by the internationally awarded and highly acclaimed Joone, combining intense performances with wildly passionate sex, with ten times the normal budget. Digital Playground has set the ship and the stage for the new standard in adult entertainment. Joone keeps the films pacing quick and the sex scenes fast and furious. Shooting the erotic action like a feature film with long takes and wide shots rather than quick cuts and insert shots (no pun intended) it actually makes the love scenes more erotic and even humorous at times. At one point, when the egotistical Captain is giving it to his female crew, he starts commenting on his prowess as Master and Commander.

Acting kudos go to Evan Stone as the ships Captain who basically carries the movie with his square jaw, David Lee Roth-esque good looks and talent to match.  He handles the dialogue and comedy like a pro and really helps keep the film afloat and steers it to success. Other standout actors include Tommy Gunn who plays the title role of Scagnetti, the dead pirate who is resurrected from the ocean floor to wreak havoc on our Heroes. With a straight forward and menacing delivery, Scagnetti makes for the perfect villain. Although he is defeated in the end by our swashbuckling hero, it is left open and set it up for a third sequel. “Pirates III: The Rise of Scagnetti” perhaps?

Pirates II is chock full of sexy beautiful, buxom blondes (and brunettes) who will do anything for their beloved Captain including seducing a local dignitary in order to free a fellow shipment. Jesse Jane stars and is terrific as the “first mate”, bringing both sex appeal and comedy to her role. Katsuni is perfect as the lead villainess, the evil dragon lady who takes control of Jesse’s character to do her evil bedding…I mean bidding. Belladonna and the other shipmates also do a great job and certainly know their way around a mast. Rounding out the cast is Shay Jordana as Wu’s nymphomaniac daughter, Stoyaa, Gabrielle Fox and Riley Steele along with industry favorites Sasha Grey and Jenna Haze. There’s no shortage of eye-candy in this one, they are all gorgeous!

The script is well written and the humor helps carry the plot for two hours and fifteen minutes. It’s not only clever, but has an actual plot and storyline. What most impressed me was the fact that the film doesn’t pander to the adult audience with clichéd lines like, “blow me down”, “land ho” or “I just love seamen”. It’s interesting that if you took out the sex scenes, the film could probably be marketed as a family comedy, but I guess that would defeat the purpose. This film sets the new standard for adult entertainment. You might as well give “Pirates II: Scagnetti’s Revenge” all the 2008 AVN awards right now, I can’t imagine another film even coming close.

To order “Pirates II: Scagnetti’s Revenge” and check out Digital Playground’s other sleight of films and stable of beauties, go to www.DigitalPlayground.com

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