Pandora Halloween Review - The Most Extraordinary Halloween

For Halloween only, a revolutionary nightlife experience took over Los Angeles with no remorse. The exclusive nightclub Pandora invaded Downtown Los Angeles’ breath taking former cathedral. You better believe Pandora caused mayhem amongst the city as the top promoter’s in Hollywood brought the ultimate Halloween experience of all Los Angeles.

Pandora Halloween Night Spectacular

Produced by Night Vision Entertainment, Kevin Stamler in association with Jin&Quinn, LLC; the former divine Archdiocese cathedral Vibiana was transformed into Pandora’s Halloween Night Spectacular! They created an elaborate Vegas-style nightclub full of state-of-the-art technology; innovative lighting and sound technology; cutting edge entertainment; and incredible performances. If that wasn’t enough, an open bar was included for the entire evening.

Tomik M. with his lovely guests

Over 1,200 ticket buyers gathered in the multi-million dollar cathedral restoration to experience extravagant entertainment. Pandora secured rap sensation Asher Roth, who is best known for his current hit song, “I Love College.”  Roth’s performance of the night was one to remember. The crowd went wild as he rapped his hit song and brought back some old fan favorites from artist such as Dr. Dre, rapping to “The Next Episode.”  You got to love it when the whole audience screams out the lyrics to songs in unison. Incredible showmanship on stage by Roth; he couldn’t have been any better!

Pandora Halloween at Vibiana


VIP tables for the night were serviced by Pandora’s sexy Halloween Angels. Pandora’s Halloween Angels definitely caused a bit of ruckus through out the night looking hot as hell and eager to touch! Appropriately, the VIP tables were named after different elements of the cathedral—The Mass, The Prayer, The Confessional, and for a price of $10,000 minimum…. The Altar. Pandora is donating a portion of sales to Raising Malawi, a charity founded by Madonna and Michael Berg.

Pandora's Sexy Halloween Angels

VIP Tables were serviced by these sexy angels

I had the chance to speak with a few of Pandora’s guest after the party. My question to them: How was your experience at Pandora?

Diana Rios thought it was unbelievable!

“There was a great crowd; it was very busy but not too the point where you couldn’t move, which I very much enjoyed,” said Rios. “Getting drinks at the bar wasn’t a hassle at all considering the open bar the whole night. My friends and I are very happy we chose to spend Halloween here!”

Ted Mala said his experience at Pandora was out of the ordinary. “The Pandora Halloween Party was full of fun and surprises. A first class production,” said Mala.

Annie Pho drank, danced, and smiled until the clock struck two the next morning.

“I had a great time at Pandora. When you conjure the best technologies, sounds, and entertainment for a night, you’re going to conceive one hell of a venue!” said Pho. “ Pandora definitely leaked all evils here at Vibiana’s!"

Brett Hyman at Pandora

Pandora couldn’t have been as successful without Night Vision Entertainment and Jin&Quinn, LLC. They are fresh, new production and event planning companies producing nightlife and corporate events.

Partners  Brett Hyman and Tomik M. have created Night Vision Entertainment to bring nightlife entertainment to the next level. In Hollywood, Night Vision Entertainment successfully runs the venues Wonderland, Guys and Dolls, and h.wood. In Vegas, you can find them coursing Tao, Lavo, and Tao Beach.

Quickly exploding onto the Hollywood nightlife scene, Jin&Quinn, LLC have produced over 125 events for the elite such as The Black Eyed Peas, Blackberry, Ducati, and Playboy Magazine, just to name a few.  You can find the two partners, Jin Yu and Alex Quinn,  helming Hollywood Monday nights at Teddy's, Tuesday nights at CoCo de Ville, Friday nights at H.Wood, Saturday nights at MyHouse and Sunday nights at Crown Bar.

For more information on Night Vision Entertainment please visit

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