PLAY DATES Theatre Review - Terrific Fun at the Theatre Asylum

It was a love affair for the ages… or at least it felt like it at age five.

Sam ( Rob Nagle) had noticed Stacey ( Elizabeth Bond) before that fateful lunchtime. She’s cute and funny and generally cooler than most girls who played with dolls. After not very much deliberation, and what seemed like an intense surreal connection, Sam produces the coveted girlfriend contract. Stacey checks the YES box off immediately and puff, they are officially dating – even though neither of them knows exactly what to do next. The sacred union lasts all of two weeks, at which point Stacey ultimately breaks Sam’s heart.

Elizabeth Bond & Rob Nagle in "Play Dates" at Theatre Asylum. Photo by: Ed Krieger

Flash forward thirty years. Sam has transformed his childhood trauma into a lucrative career as Dr. Love: a TV psycho-therapist dispensing tough love and relationship-saving advice to his adoring followers.


Mike and Katie ( Brian Monahan, Krystal Marshall) are deep into the routine of married couplehood; so deep in fact that it is starting to scare them. Fearful that they have become “that couple” after only a few years of marriage, they stumble upon Dr. Love program and calls in for advise. While Dr. Love’s advice seemed straightforward enough, the couple takes it to an extreme which the TV Love Shrink never intended.


PLAY DATES is terrific fun. In Act One, the intermingling of mature subtext and preschool innocence is very savvy and simply brilliant. Likewise, the smart choices and use of visual aids combined with a dash of audience participation really make Act Two shine. Act Three is a comedy circus overflowing with mayhem and unexpected sweetness. Every actor in the company plays multiple roles full out, achieving the exact right shade of color in each new character.

Krystal Marshall & Brian Monahan in "Play Dates" at Theatre Asylum. Photo by: Ed Krieger


Congratulations are in order for director Jennifer Chambers, the steady hand at the helm of this finely modulated piece and Racquel Lehrman for casting such skilled comic performers. Kudos to the Cast of Play Dates. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


Green Beetle Productions presents the return of Sam Wolfson’s PLAY DATES, currently running through May 5, 2011 at:


Theatre Asylum

6320 Santa Monica Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90038

Running Time: 90 Minutes w/out Intermission


Reservations: (323) 960-7784


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