NBA Allstars Gifting Suite Review - Celebrity Athletes and SWAG

The JW Marriot was Buzzing

Adonis Spicer, owner of Urban Elegance Media Group of New York City, and the NBPA  produced the NBA Allstars Swag Suite held at the beautiful JW Marriot right next to the Staples Center and LA Live for the NBA Allstars Weekend.

Athletes, VIP’s and media packed the NBA Allstars Gifting Suite on Feb. 18th and Feb. 19th. The excitement at the Marriot was palpable, as celebrity NBA athletes, towering over the crowds, mingled with their friends. Security at the Marriot rivaled even the Oscars as not only private high security abounded but also teams of LAPD officers were everywhere. It was impossible to even enter the lobby if you weren’t credentialed or on the lists, and every entrance was covered with not just a few security officers, but everyone had to pass the watchful eyes of squads of security.

LAPD Teams Guard JW Marriot on Allstars Weekend

Some of the companies present for the invited athletes and VIP”S at the NBA Allstars SWAG Suite were:

Skullcandy Headphones

Skullcandy has long been a favorite with music lovers. And of course they were a giant hit with the NBA Allstars invited guests, The laser etching machine they brought was working non-stop and was so popular they had an hour long wait time as the athletes had special sayings, slogans or whatever they chose, custom laser-etched on the earphone lenspieces for their Skullcandy RocNation Aviator’s.

Friday Skullcandy released Brand Jordan Aviators and over the NBA Allstar weekend, in honor of the athletes, they released custom NBA Allstar aviators at Apple stores all over Los Angeles.

FYDELITY Speakerbags

FYDELITY makes a very cool line of bags and backpacks with built in speakers. FYDELITY  has a full collection of awesome bags to choose from, and everyone will find a style the love. The NBA players were all gifted awesome black backpacks with white trim.

The FYDELITY Stereobags collection of fashion bags and backpacks allow you to accessorize music as the soundtrack of your life. I had to steal that line from their website, I mean how cool is that? You can connect any MP3 player or smart phone to your FYDELITY Stereobag and have a built-in amplifier and speaker so you can listen to your favorite music without headphones.

Their slogan is: “FYDELITY, The Party's in the Bag!”™

Meister Watches


The Meister Watch collection makes beautiful watches and their different lines are composed of different levels: the Ambassador, Chief, Superstar, & Prodigy. Each Meister model is engineered in a multi-piece design and carefully put together by hand. Athletes had their choice of stunning Meister watches.

The Ultrabooth, photobooth was just too fun. Everyone loves a photobooth and this one was exceptionally cool, because not only could you have your choice of accessories to customize your look, their booth has a cool dark look surrounding you and it kind of spotlights you making rather flattering pics. They bring the photobooth to your party and the fun begins.

Mocsocs are socks to wear with your moccasins, boat shoes, or any shoe where you only want a half sock that stays hidden for the perfect fashion look with certain shoes.


The VIP guests were given Kings Underwear, Sundown Shea Butter, Muscle Jel for muscle pain, Flex Power lightly scented pain relief cream, Irish Spring body wash, and Vita Coc coconut water, and everyone was enjoying bags of different flavors of Kettlecorn.

Goodwood Wooden Jewelry

Goodwood NYC is jewelry etched out of wood.

SET Magazine, “Sports and Entertainment Today” is a sport magazine that even non sports-minded women and men enjoy. SET provides an intimate look at professional athletes lives as they endure hardships, overcome failures and celebrate their success in their perspective professions. SET gets up close to take an in-depth look at otherwise classified information. SET's unparalleled access to life events such as engagements, weddings, births, and break-ups sets them apart from other sports magazines. SET is a leader in sports entertainment news and covets their take on the most current and controversial topics. SET reveals the true identities of the world's most intriguing athletes offering more than just stats.

My Eyes 7 My Hair by Natasha Dooliing

My Eyes and My Hair is a book written by Natasha Dooling, (wife of Keyon Dooling of the Milwaukee Bucks) about overcoming her daily challenges of discrimination.

Sportsality is an online sports & information magazine filled with news, inspiration, relationship news and lifestyle information.

Cold Stone Creamery had their soft serve blueberry frozen yogurt and large bowls of fruit, nuts and toppings to put on top.

All Photos © Judith Orr Photography

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