Mexico Tourism and National Geographic Traveler team for 'Mexico Unexpected'

Mexico Tourism, National Geographic and The Hollywood Bowl team up to bring a zesty taste of Mexico a little closer than usual to the Los Angeles crowds by joining together for a live concert at ‘The Bowl’ on September 21, 2008.

When was the last time you visited Mexico?  Better question, what kind of crazy adventure did you have while there?  Did you get lost in a Mayan ruin?  Dance to a local band?  Have a wild night of tequila shooters?

Mexico Unexpected

Mexico is fun.  No one denies that.  But National Geographic wants to expand the fun.  Have an adventure, see more, learn stuff.  Their magazine “National Geographic Traveler” is putting together a 7-part series just for you, all things May-hee-co.  Yup, it’s called “Mexico Unexpected” and it combines with the nationwide concerts to become a cultural experience second to none.  Well…except an actual trip to Mexico.  But that’ll come soon enough, right?

Danny Kapilian (L) with Jorge Gamboa Petron and Dawn Drew

So to make it happen, they get Dawn Drew, Jorge Gamboa Patron and Danny Kapilian all in the same room.  Drew is the Vice President of Publishing at National Geographic TravelerGamboa Patron is the Mexico Tourism Board Director in Los Angeles and Kipilian is the concert producer who is going to make sure that it rocks.

Dance to It

The concert will feature Ozomatli and Lila Downs, among others.  “Ozo” as the cool kids call them, have just released their fourth album in twelve years. Spanish-English mash-ups of hip hop, salsa, cumbia, dub, and Middle Eastern funk.  More than enough to get you on your feet and have the ladies moving.


Lila Downs is a Mexican singer who performs her own compositions as well as tapping into Mesoamerican music of the Mixtec, Zapotec, Maya and Nahuatl cultures. Her song “Burn it Blue” was Academy Award-nominated in Salma Hayek’s “Frida” and her other songs have appeared in “Tortilla Soup” and “Real Women Have Curves”.

Lila Downs

But, no, no, that’s not all.  For those lucky enough to get a ticket for this event, it’ll be a full-on celebration.  Just past the entrance gates will be a Mexican village setup featuring wine-tasting, tequila, Mexican demonstrations, cultural cuisine courtesy of Patina, and travel opportunities.  Guaranteed to be a fun time for all.

Act now

You’re thinking ‘what if I’m out of time?  I can’t miss this’.  Run over to your table and grab your copy of National Geographic Traveler.  There’s information in there, plus it helps your chances to roll in as a VIP. Nice. Oh, maybe you’re not a subscriber?  No worries, you can still party.  But, really, consider the subscription.  It’s worth it, plus you’re gonna get the cool 7-part Mexico package with tons of stuff.

The Hollywood Bowl show is on November 21, 2008.
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