Meet the Robinsons Review - Meeting the Robinsons at Disney Studios

A typical California day bright and sunny as we walked the back lot of Disney Studios in Burbank getting a private tour of the animation section where their new movie, 'Meet the Robinsons' was about to be released. 

We went through the process of storyboarding and drawing each cell for each character and then layering it on the various backgrounds to move the characters around.

some of the lifelike props in the prop room

In the past it took 4-5 years and 2-3000 artists to make a movie since you need 24 scenes for each second of the movie but now everything is digitalized.  In this movie, they used a new process to make the characters seem more human. 

Directed by Dorothy McKim, Produced by Stephen Anderson and based on the book A Day with Wilbur Robinson by William Joyce 'Meet the Robinsons' is a fun 3D animated movie that is not just for kids.  Everyone can learn the lesson of the movie Forget the Past, Keep Moving Forward.

meet the robinsons: family at dinner

Lewis,( Daniel Hansen) the hero of the movie but not the hero of the book, is a baby left at the steps of an orphanage by a mother who truly loved him.  The orphanage woman who takes care of him, Millie is Angela Bassett,  Lewis longs for a family and then focuses on finding his mother.  A brilliant inventor, even at his young age of 12, Lewis decides to build a memory scanner to access the areas of the brain that hold memory so that he can see what his mother looked like and find her. 

On his way to the science fair, he is waylaid by a boy, Wilbur Robinson,( Jordan Fry)  who claims to be from the future.  Lewis does not believe him that some man in a bowler hat is coming to hunt Lewis.  Alas, that is the truth as the bald villain and his bowler hat named Doris reduce the memory scanner to rubble. 

Once again Will shows and tries to get Lewis to fix the scanner.  He shows Lewis the truth by taking him forward' and getting stuck there.

meet the robinsons: Lewis's first trip forward in time.

At the Robinson's house, he is introduced to numerous members including Wilbur's mom who trains frogs to sing and a robot named Carl ( Harlan Williams) a relative it would seem of R2D2 from Starwars.  Carl is very upset that Wilbur has brought this future boy home and Wilbur tries to hide the

fact that Lewis is from the future. Mrs. Fran Robinson ( Nicole Sullivan), falls in love with the young Lewis and finding out he is an orphan wants to adopt him but then learns that he is from the past and tells him he must go back.  She also points out that no failure is every a failure because you learn from it. 

Meanwhile Bowler Hat man and Doris ( Ethan Sandler - who plays a number of roles) have returned to the future to try and capture Lewis.  They made a mess of trying to sell the memory scanner to the invention company and realize that they need Lewis to show them how it works.

Meet the robinsons: frog heaven

Capturing Lewis, Bowler Hat man is just about to sell the invention when Lewis, seeing the future in his memory scanner, realizes that Doris the hat is up to no good.  He stops Bowler Hat man just in time and learns that this was his old roommate at the orphanage who held a grudge all these years because he was never adopted.  He meets his older self, Cornelius Robinson ( Tom Selleck) Lewis realizes that the choices are his entirely on how he wants to deal with the past and the future.

At the science fair, Lewis shows everyone how the memory scanner really works and it is instantly bought by the invention company. All the relationships fall in place as Lewis realizes that he is really Wilbur's father.  Lucille, Laurie Metcalf, the caffeined up science lady becomes his aunt.  Lewis still longs to learn about his mother and he does' but he realizes then that if he confronts her, the future will not be the same. He has let go of the past and keep moving forward.

A worthwhile movie for the kids and adults, too.   Experience the future as Disney imagines it and hear Adam West as the notorious Uncle Art,  Tom Kenny as Mr. Willerstein the science teacher.

In conjunction with the movie, games for all the various platforms are being put forth.

meet the robinsons: the game

These games for PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, Xbox 360, Game Cube, and PC will feature not Lewis's adventure alone but will go into Wilbur's future and the adventures they and other family members have to explore.

The key of these games is the large scale environments that go beyond the move universe and fully explore the Robinson's Home with all it's new gadgets as the Chargeball Glove, Disassembler, Scanner, Family Album, Havoc Gloves and Levitation Ray; the science fair, and Lizzie's Aunt Underworld.  Play Charge Ball, the sport of the future.

The games allow the players to travel to past and future and alter events.  Characters from the movie as well as new characters will be introduced.  Upgrades are hidden and accessible only upon completing the current mission or interactive puzzle. 


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