Maxim Style Awards 2007 Presented by Casio at the Avalon

Everyone gathered up outside to see the "Blue Carpet"

In front of the Avalon was a crowd of people gathered around the "blue carpet". Tonight was the Maxim Style Awards 2007 Presented by Casio at the Avalon. Seen were actors and actresses like Bai Ling, Natasha Henstridge, and Fred Willard. The party had a Live Performance by The Bravery, DJed music by DJ MI$TER BE$t, food, drinks, and of course lots of beautiful women. The Maxim Style Awards 2007 was September 18th, 2007 at the Avalon in Hollywood, California.

Natasha Henstridge signing autographs while leaving

There were various stars that came across the "blue carpet" into the Avalon.  Among those who crossed the “Blue Carpet” were Gabrielle Union, Bai Ling, Hill Harper, Ken Davidian, Masa Oki, Caroline D’Amore, Oliver Trevino, Aisha Tyler, Fred Willard, Jonathan Silverman, Roger Cross, Paul Joe Hanson, Hector Bustamonte, Carline D’Amore, Christopher Knight, Adrienne Curry, Bonny Jill Laughlin, Suzy Castillo, Vannessa Branch, Carson Kressley,   Paul Joe Hanson, Hector Bustamonte, Rachel Sterling, Simon Rex, Christine Lathan, and more.

Open bars put many people into a good mood

Being a Maxim Party there were of course open bars. The walls were lined with various Skyy Vodka Flavors. I helped myself to a few drinks and started walking around grooving to the music. Next thing I knew I was approached by girls and guys with trays and trays of crab cake. Any party with a seemingly infinite amount of crab cake as hors d'oeuvre is a great party! I also got to help myself to yummy warm goat cheese cakes and New York Strip Steak on a stick.

Crab Cake Galore!

They photographed guests with 59fifty at Fifty Caps

New Era was there taking photos of guests with their 59fifty at Fifty Caps. Photographed guests would be selected from to be featured in their upcoming advertisements.

Lawrence Davis deciding on which 59fifty cap to take photos in

Inside Casio was demonstrating their latest line of cameras featuring a new YouTube ability. I got to talk to Briana of Beautiful Bartenders who demonstrated for me how it worked. With just a few seconds her Casio camera was set to YouTube Capture Mode which lets users shoot and save their videos at the right size, quality, and settings for YouTube.   She helped guests record short video clips on these Casio Cameras and uploaded the videos on YouTube for everyone to see at

You can see my embarrassing clip online below; it took her 5 secs to setup the video to upload to YouTube with YouTube Capture Mode:

I also interviewed Briana on my personal Casio camera below; it took me 2 minutes to setup my video to upload to YouTube without the YouTube Capture Mode:

See the latest cameras with the YouTube Capture Mode at

The Bravery performing live

They also featured a live performance by The Bravery. It was awesome to be able to walk right up to the band. I could just feel their energy as I stood just a few feet away from them without any security standing in front of me. They are a New York formed Indie Rock band. They record under the Island Records label. They released their last album “The Sun and the Moon”

The Bravery

Everyone gathered up for The Bravery Performance

I loved the music that night. I can defiantly see why this guy was invited to provide music at the Maxim Style Awards, even just standing in the lobby chatting and eating I couldn’t help but do a little dancing. I even noticed some other young ladies grooving in the lobby. DJ MI$TER BE$T provided the music for that night. He was born in LA, picked up his music taste in Philadelphia. Began DJing and became an in-demand house party DJ at local colleges. After developing the MI$TER BE$T name he moved to Los Angeles. He started at “The Dime” bar and is now invited to DJ at the big scene events like the after parties for The Academy Awards, The Golden Globes, The Emmys, and etc. His website can be found here:


The party was Presented by Casio, Thanks!

Our savior who got us in

So hey, if you can get on the guest list to next year’s Maxim Style Awards do it! You could also try to get yourself in through other means. Me and my publisher Lawrence Davis were supposed to be on the list but something happened. Eventually one of our friends saw us and got us in. I met a lot of people who negotiated an extra wrist band to get inside. I ran into some guys from the Dutch version of Maxim who tried to get in last minute, I wonder what happened to them. As we exited there looked to be a small crowd of star watchers and those waiting for their friends to try to get them in. I met a lot of models, actors, actresses, entertainers, journalists, and even friends of the owner of joint who just walked his friends in and left to a concert. Thanks for a great party Maxim.

We were surrounded by beautiful women

You can learn more about Maxim somewhere between the pictures of girls here:

More about the Casio Cameras with YouTube Capture Mode, 59fifty caps, MI$TER BE$T, The Bravery, Skyy Vodka, and The Avalon:

Briana recording video clips to put on YouTube with the Casio Cameras using YouTube Capture Mode

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