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(Los Angeles, CA) June 25, 2010 - ModernHome Living Magazine, (referred to as MH+L), gives us a glimpse into the upscale lifestyles of celebrities and the notable personalities of today. If you enjoy looking through chic homes and offices, as well as finding out about restaurants with atmosphere or the vacation hideaways of the famous, pick up a copy of MH+L.

Entrepreneurs Jacqueline Mananquil, Stephen Chavez, and Kevin Ou have teamed together to create what they call “the modern celebrity lifestyle magazine brand”.  This semi-annual publication commemorated its second issue with a release party held at the swanky J Lounge in downtown L.A on Friday. 

T-Pain with host Ashlan Gorse help the founders of MH+L celebrate

Joining the team of MH+L on the red carpet were actress Lark Voorhies, TV personalities Kelly Edwards and Susie Castillo along with E! News correspondent and this evening’s hostess Ashlan Gorse.  Ashlan's home is featured in the current issue of MH+L

Randy McLaughlin adding a touch of sparkle to the evening

Legendary couture designer Randy McLaughlin also graced the red carpet  sporting a cowboy hat and blue sequin vest.  He confided that men's clothing didn't have 'sparkle' anymore and he was coming out of retirement to help remedy that.  Randy and I are in complete agreement that men’s clothing has gotten too casual.  Randy has designed for such notable names as Li’l Richard, Lana Turner, Kim Novak, Lindsay Wagner, Tina Turner, Natalie Cole, and Liberace.  Perhaps we’ll see some of Randy’s future styles in MH+L magazine

It was also a night for recording artists to take to the red carpet.  Rapper T-Pain, T Lopez,  B-Smooth, Mishon, Chris Marsol, and Keyes were there to join in the festivities.  Other stars welcomed to the carpet were America’s Best Dance Crew, SuperCr3W. I had opportunity to speak with the members of this group; an inspirational trio of young men.  They are loyal to their craft and focused on success. They were not shy to say that they’ve had some disappointing moments in their careers, but when asked if they ever thought about giving up, they all answered with a resounding “NO”.  They’ve gotten their inspiration from rejection and keep their eyes on the prize. 

Not only is SuperCr3w America’s Best Dance Crew, but young entrepreneurs as well; launching their own brand of wrist watches.  Just another example of a group that moves toward their success with the perseverance, passion and boldness to follow their dreams.  I asked the trio what message they’d like to give to young audiences and they said “stay focused on what you’re doing and never give up.” 

Great new line of watches SuperCr3w

The entertainer for the evening, rapper Ron Artest, made his long awaited entrance decked out in a Lakers gold and purple hoodie.  As a tribute to Michael Jackson he changed his number to 37 for the performance.  Yes, I said rapper! Ron Artest was there to perform his single ‘Champion’.  I had a few moments to speak with Ron before the show began.

Ron Artest talking with reporters about his music

Terence Taylor: How do you blend basketball and music together?

Ron Artest:  I make songs about my life and how I feel.  If I am down I write about being down.   If I feel like I am a champion, I write about being a champion. I don’t try to get too far out of the box.  On the basketball court I’m about defense. The music gives me something more to show another side of me.

Terence Taylor: What’s a positive message that you would send out to the kids?

Ron Artest:  Actually, the main thing is to the adults - look after the kids. Make sure you take care of the kids.  And for kids, enjoy your life and respect adults.

The evening was certainly about proud accomplishments ranging from the tenacity of the team working to bring MH+L Magazine to publication, to the musical endeavors of Ron Artest and the many other artists gathered to acknowledge Jacqueline, Stephen, and Kevin’s growing success. 

The crowd loves Ron Artest's performance of his single 'Champion'

Gathered under the full moon on the patio of the J Lounge we all enjoyed the performances by T-Pain and Ron Artest.  Afterward we were welcomed into the upstairs nightclub for more dancing and celebration.  Good luck to the founders of MH+L Magazine and to all those who were able to help celebrate their second issue.  We look forward to seeing many more.  You can now check them out online at

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